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countryside /ˈkʌntrisaɪd/ noun [uncountable]

ییلاقات ، حومه شهر ، زیست شناسی: روستاکنار
Synonyms: country, farmland, green belt, outback (Austral. & N.Z.), outdoors, sticks (informal)
English Thesaurus: countryside, the country, landscape, scenery, wilderness, ...

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countryside S3 W3 /ˈkʌntrisaɪd/ noun [uncountable]
land that is outside cities and towns Synonym : the country:
The house had lovely views over open countryside.
in the countryside
people who live in the countryside

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ADJ. attractive, beautiful, delightful, glorious, lovely, lush, magnificent, picturesque, pleasant, spectacular, stunning, unspoilt, wonderful miles of unspoilt countryside
open | green, wooded a walk through the lush green countryside
flat | hilly, mountainous, rolling, rugged, undulating | wild | peaceful, quiet, tranquil | local, nearby, surrounding | native The feel for his native countryside comes through strongly in his photographs.
English, Kent, etc.
QUANT. area, stretch, tract a delightful stretch of countryside vast tracts of countryside
VERB + COUNTRYSIDE conserve, preserve, protect | destroy, ravage, ruin, spoil The countryside has been ravaged by pollution.
roam, wander (around/through) In the afternoons they roamed the countryside roundabout.
PREP. in the ~ living in the countryside
surrounded by ~ a small village surrounded by glorious countryside
through (the) ~ travelling through pleasant open countryside
~ around the countryside around Oxford

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The countryside between the Alpine villages is stunning.
open countryside (=with few buildings, walls, trees etc)
The farmhouse has views over open countryside.
the surrounding countryside
Both the town and the surrounding countryside are worth exploring.
rolling countryside (=with hills)
a valley surrounded by rolling countryside
green countryside
Our train was passing through rolling green countryside.
unspoilt countryside (=not changed or not having a lot of new buildings)
This area is ideal for a weekend break in unspoilt countryside.
rugged countryside (=rough and uneven)
Uzbekistan is an area known for its rugged countryside and tough people.
protect/conserve the countryside (=stop people building on it or spoiling its beauty)
How can we protect the countryside for future generations?
spoil/ruin the countryside
Too many tourists can spoil the countryside.

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DUBIOUS: Some of us did our teaching practice in the countryside.
GOOD: Some of us did our teaching practice in rural areas.

Usage Note:
Use countryside when you are thinking about the beauty or lifestyle of this type of area: 'We have to act now to save the countryside for future generations.' 'We enjoy walking in the countryside around Bristol.'
To refer to areas that do not have cities or towns, use rural/country areas : 'Housing tends to be more affordable in rural areas.'

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