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coup /kuː/ noun [countable]

برهم زدن ، ضربت ، کودتا
Synonyms: masterstroke, accomplishment, action, deed, exploit, feat, manoeuvre, stunt
English Thesaurus: revolt/rebellion/uprising, cou

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coup /kuː/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: French; Origin: 'hit, stroke']

1. a sudden and sometimes violent attempt by citizens or the army to take control of the government Synonym : coup d'état:
Haiti’s first elected President was deposed in a violent military coup.
a coup attempt by junior officers
He evaded capture after the failed coup.

2. an achievement that is extremely impressive because it was very difficult:
Beating Arsenal was a major coup for the club.

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I. (also
coup d'etat
) violent change of government

ADJ. abortive, attempted, failed, unsuccessful | successful | bloody | bloodless | army, military | palace, presidential He deposed his father in a palace coup in 1970.
communist | boardroom She lost her position in a boardroom coup (= a sudden change of power among senior managers in a company).
VERB + COUP launch, mount, stage | foil, put down The coup was immediately put down and the plotters were shot.
plan, plot | lead | come to power in, seize power in He seized power in a military coup
COUP + NOUN attempt, plot | leader, plotter
PREP. ~ against an army coup against the president

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II. achievement
ADJ. big, brilliant, great, major, real, spectacular Winning that contract was her greatest coup.
diplomatic, financial, intelligence, propaganda, publicity
VERB + COUP pull off He managed to pull off a major diplomatic coup.

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a military/army coup
He seized power in a military coup in 1977.
an attempted/abortive/failed coup (=one that did not succeed)
There was an attempted coup against Togo’s military dictator.
a successful/unsuccessful coup
The armed forces are too weak to mount a successful coup.
a bloody/bloodless coup (=with or without killing and violence)
In 1974, the regime was overthrown in a bloodless coup.
a presidential coup (=in which power is taken from a president)
The new leader returned the country to democratic rule following his presidential coup.
plan/plot a coup
They were arrested and accused of plotting a coup against the government.
stage/mount/launch a coup (=attempt one)
Later that year, the rebels staged an unsuccessful coup.
foil/crush a coup (=stop it from being successful)
The government foiled an armed coup by rebel soldiers.
be deposed/overthrown in a coup (=lose power in a coup)
The Prime Minister was deposed in a coup by the armed forces.
a coup attempt
There have been repeated coup attempts against the government.
the coup leader
The coup leaders escaped when the rest of the men were arrested.
a coup plot
He was imprisoned for his part in a coup plot against the regime.

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