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courtly /ˈkɔːtli $ ˈkɔːrtli/ adjective

شایسته دربار ، مودب ، باوقار ، بطرز چاپلوسانه
Synonyms: ceremonious, chivalrous, dignified, elegant, formal, gallant, polished, refined, stately, urbane
Antonyms: churlish
Contrasted words: discourteous, ill-mannered, impolite, rude, uncivil, ungracious, boorish, coarse, gross, loutish, uncouth, vulgar
Related Words: august, dignified, imposing, lofty, prim, starchy, stiff, stilted, studied, ceremonious, conventional, formal, civilized

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courtly /ˈkɔːtli $ ˈkɔːrtli/ adjective
graceful and polite:
a tall man with courtly manners
—courtliness noun [uncountable]

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