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courtyard /ˈkɔːtjɑːd $ ˈkɔːrtjɑːrd/ noun [countable]

حیاط (محوطه محصور)
Synonyms: yard, enclosure, quad, quadrangle

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courtyard /ˈkɔːtjɑːd $ ˈkɔːrtjɑːrd/ noun [countable]
an open space that is completely or partly surrounded by buildings:
the castle courtyard

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ADJ. central, inner, interior, internal | outer | enclosed, walled | open | cobbled, paved
VERB + COURTYARD surround The courtyard is surrounded on three sides by stables.
PREP. around a/the ~ The hotel is built around a paved central courtyard.
in a/the ~ sitting in the inner courtyard of the college

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