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covered /ˈkʌvəd $ -ərd/ adjective

ورزش: گرفتن شمشیر به وضعی که شمشیر خودبخود در حمله حریف منحرف نشود
covered /ˈkʌvəd $ -ərd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: cover, coverage, covering; adjective: undercover, coveredUNCOVERED; verb: coveruncover; adverb: undercover]

1. having a roof:
a covered arena

2. having a layer of something on top:
snow-covered hills

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VERBS be | become | remain | leave sb/sth The car sped past, leaving us covered in mud.
ADV. well Make sure all cooked meat is well covered.
absolutely, completely, entirely, totally | closely, densely, thickly four sheets of paper closely covered in unfamiliar handwriting
evenly | sparsely, thinly the ground was sparsely covered with grass.
permanently, temporarily 60% of the land is permanently covered in ice.
PREP. by Each body was covered by a blanket.
in I was covered in blood.
with The path was now completely covered with thick snow.
PHRASES covered from head to foot/toe He crawled out, covered from head to foot in soot.

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