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covet /ˈkʌvət, ˈkʌvɪt/ verb [transitive]

میل به تملک چیزی کردن ، طمع به چیزی داشتن
Synonyms: long for, aspire to, crave, desire, envy, lust after, set one's heart on, yearn for
Antonyms: renounce
Contrasted words: abjure, forswear

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covet /ˈkʌvət, ˈkʌvɪt/ verb [transitive] formal
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: coveitier, from coveitié 'desire', from Latin cupiditas; cupidity]
to have a very strong desire to have something that someone else has:
The Michelin Awards are coveted by restaurants all over the world.

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