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crack /kræk/ verb
crack noun

ترک خوردن ، شکستگی ، پریدگی ، رخنه ، ترک ، ضربت ، ترق تروق ، ترکانیدن ، (شلاق) را بصدا دراوردن ، تولید صدای ناگهانی وبلند کردن ، شکاف برداشتن ، ترکیدن ، تق کردن ، علوم مهندسی: شکاف ، معماری: ترک ، شیمی: ترک ، ورزش: شکاف سنگ ، علوم هوایی: ترک ، علوم نظامی: شکاف
کامپیوتر: یک نوع قفل که بر روی CDها وجود دارد ، فایلهای موجود در آن باید در فولدر مورد نظر کپی شود

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- break, burst, cleave, fracture, snap, splinter, split
- snap, burst, crash, detonate, explode, pop, ring
- give in, break down, collapse, give way, go to pieces, lose control, succumb, yield
- hit, clip (informal), clout (informal), cuff, slap, smack, whack
- solve, decipher, fathom, get the answer to, work out
- snap, burst, clap, crash, explosion, pop, report
- break, chink, cleft, cranny, crevice, fissure, fracture, gap, rift
- blow, clip (informal), clout (informal), cuff, slap, smack, whack
- joke, dig, funny remark, gag (informal), jibe, quip, wisecrack, witticism
- first-class, ace, choice, elite, excellent, first-rate, hand-picked, superior, world-class
Related Idioms: flash of wit, flash of lightning
Related Words: puzzle out, splintering, splitting, percussion, dig, fling, potshot, rent, discontinuity, interstice, interval, cranny, niche, crevasse, crevice, excellent, superior
English Thesaurus: break, smash, shatter, crack, burst, ...

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I. crack1 S3 /kræk/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: cracian]

1. BREAK [intransitive and transitive] to break or to make something break, either so that it gets lines on its surface, or so that it breaks into pieces:
Don’t put boiling water in the glass or it will crack.
Concrete is liable to crack in very cold weather.
He picked up a piece of rock and cracked it in half.
She fell and cracked a bone in her leg.
He cracked a couple of eggs into a pan.

2. SOUND [intransitive and transitive] to make a quick loud sound like the sound of something breaking, or to make something do this:
Thunder cracked overhead.
He cracked his whip and galloped off.
Dennis rubbed his hands together and cracked his knuckles.

3. HIT [transitive] to hit someone or something hard
crack something on something
I slipped and cracked my head on the door.
She cracked him over the head with a hammer.

4. NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE [intransitive] to be unable to continue doing something because there is too much pressure and you do not have the mental strength to continue
crack under
Some young executives crack under the pressure of having to meet tough sales targets every month.
He cracked under interrogation and confessed.

5. VOICE [intransitive] if your voice cracks, it starts to sound different because you are feeling strong emotions:
His voice cracked slightly as he tried to explain.

6. SOLVE/UNDERSTAND [transitive] to find the answer to a problem or manage to understand something that is difficult to understand Synonym : solve:
I think we’ve cracked the problem of the computer crashing all the time.
It took them nearly two months to crack the code.
This new evidence could help detectives to crack the case.

7. STOP SOMEBODY [transitive] informal to stop a person from being successful:
Political enemies have tried to crack me.

8. OPEN A SAFE [transitive] to open a safe illegally in order to steal the things inside it

9. COMPUTER [transitive] to illegally copy computer software or change free software which may lack certain features of the full version, so that the free software works in the same way as the full version:
You can find out how to crack any kind of software on the web.

10. crack it British English informal to manage to do something successfully:
I think we’ve cracked it!
He seems to have got it cracked.

11. crack a joke to tell a joke:
He kept cracking jokes about my appearance.

12. crack a smile to smile, usually only slightly or unwillingly:
Even Mr Motts managed to crack a smile at that joke.

13. crack open a bottle British English informal to open a bottle of alcohol for drinking:
We cracked open a few bottles.

14. get cracking informal to start doing something or going somewhere quickly:
I think we need to get cracking if we’re going to catch this train.

15. crack the whip informal to make people work very hard

16. something is not all/everything it’s cracked up to be informal used to say that something is not as good as people say it is:
I thought the film was OK, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
crack down phrasal verb
to become more strict in dealing with a problem and punishing the people involved
crack down on
The government is determined to crack down on terrorism.
The police are cracking down hard on violent crime.

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II. crack2 noun

1. GAP [countable] a very narrow space between two things or two parts of something
crack between
He squeezed into a crack between two rocks.
crack in
He could see them through a crack in the door.
She opened the door a crack and peeped into the room.

2. BREAK [countable] a thin line on the surface of something when it is broken but has not actually come apart
crack in
There were several small cracks in the glass.

3. WEAKNESS [countable] a weakness or fault in an idea, system, or organization
crack in
The cracks in their relationship were starting to show.
The first cracks are beginning to appear in the economic policy.

4. SOUND [countable] a sudden loud sound like the sound of a stick being broken
loud/sharp crack
There was a sharp crack as the branch broke off.
crack of
We could hear the crack of gunfire in the distance.
a crack of thunder

5. JOKE [countable] informal a clever joke or rude remark
crack about
I didn’t like his crack about her being overweight.
He’s always making cracks about how stupid I am.

6. ATTEMPT [countable] informal an attempt to do something Synonym : shot
crack at
I’d like a crack at climbing that mountain.
The competition’s open to anyone – why don’t you have a crack?

7. DRUG [uncountable] an illegal drug that some people take for pleasure:
crack addicts

8. BODY [countable] informal the space between someone’s buttocks

9. a crack on the head a hard hit on the head:
You’ve had a nasty crack on the head and you need to rest.

10. a crack in sb’s voice a change in someone’s voice because they are feeling very upset:
He noticed the crack in her voice as she tried to continue.

11. the crack of dawn very early in the morning
at the crack of dawn
We were up at the crack of dawn.

12. COMPUTER [countable] a piece of information or computer code that lets you illegally change free software which may lack certain features of the full version, so that the free software works in the same way as the full version

13. a fair crack of the whip British English informal the same chance as other people to do something:
They feel they haven’t been given a fair crack of the whip.

14. another spelling of craic

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III. crack3 adjective [only before noun]

1. with a lot of experience and skill:
crack troops
a crack regiment
a crack sportsman

2. crack shot someone who is able to shoot a weapon very well and hit the thing they are aiming at

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. line on the surface of sth where it has broken
ADJ. big, deep, huge, large, long, serious | short, small | fine, hairline, thin
CRACK + VERB appear | develop, spread | run A fine crack ran up the wall.

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II. narrow opening
ADJ. narrow, small, tiny | wide
VERB + CRACK fill We filled the cracks in the plaster before hanging the wallpaper.
CRACK + VERB appear Wide cracks appeared in the ground during the drought.
open up, widen
PREP. ~ in There's a crack in the fence big enough to look through.
PHRASES a crack of light a tiny crack of light under the door
open a door/window a crack Could you open the window just a crack?

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III. sudden loud sound
ADJ. loud, sharp
VERB + CRACK give, let out He gave a crack of laughter.
PREP. with a ~ The chandelier hit the floor with a crack.
~ of
PHRASES the crack of a whip, a crack of thunder
 ⇒ Note at SOUND

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I. break
ADV. badly The dish had cracked quite badly.

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II. become mentally ill
ADV. completely | finally The stresses of her job became too great and she finally cracked.
up He thought he'd never get through the ordeal without cracking up.
PHRASES crack under the pressure/strain, show signs of cracking He is under a lot of pressure but is showing no signs of cracking.
PHRASAL VERBS crack down
ADV. hard
PREP. on to crack down hard on crime

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See: hard nut to crack or tough nut to crack

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