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-craft /krɑːft $ kræft/ suffix [in nouns]
craft /krɑːft $ kræft/ noun
handicraft /ˈhændikrɑːft $ -kræft/ (also craft) noun [countable usually plural]

شناوه کوچک ، وسیله حمل و نقل ، کشتی ، وسیله سرگرمی هنر دستی ، پیشه ، هنر ، صنعت ، مهارت ، نیرنگ ، معماری: حرفه ، علوم نظامی: قایق ، علوم دریایی: شناوک
- occupation, business, employment, handicraft, pursuit, trade, vocation, work
- skill, ability, aptitude, art, artistry, expertise, ingenuity, know-how (informal), technique, workmanship
- vessel, aircraft, boat, plane, ship, spacecraft
Related Words: job

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-craft /krɑːft $ kræft/ suffix [in nouns]

1. a vehicle of a particular type:
a spacecraft
a hovercraft
several aircraft

2. skill of a particular kind:
statecraft (=skill in government)
stagecraft (=skill in acting, directing etc in plays)

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I. craft1 W3 /krɑːft $ kræft/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: cræft 'strength, skill']

1. (plural crafts) [countable] a job or activity in which you make things with your hands, and that you usually need skill to do ⇒ handicraft:
traditional rural crafts
arts and crafts

2. (plural craft) [countable]
a) a small boat
b) an aircraft or spacecraft

3. [singular] formal the skills needed for a particular profession:
The musician spends years perfecting his craft.

4. [uncountable] skill in deceiving people:
Craft and cunning were necessary for the scheme to work.
landing craft

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II. craft2 verb [transitive usually passive]
to make something using a special skill, especially with your hands:
Each doll is crafted individually by specialists.
a hand-crafted silver cigar case

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III. handicraft /ˈhændikrɑːft $ -kræft/ (also craft) noun [countable usually plural]
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: handcraft 'handicraft' (10-21 centuries), on the model of handiwork]

1. an activity such as sewing or making baskets, in which you use your hands in a skilful way to make things

2. something that someone has made in a skilful way using their hands:
a shop selling handicrafts

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I. activity needing skill with your hands
ADJ. skilled Sheep shearing is a highly skilled craft.
ancient, traditional | country, local, rural
VERB + CRAFT practise The men practised various traditional crafts, such as carving toys out of bone.
CRAFT + NOUN activity, work | industry | worker | centre, exhibition, fair, shop, workshop | skill
PHRASES art and craft Subjects taught include art and craft, drama, languages and maths.
arts and crafts The gallery has major exhibitions of arts and crafts.

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II. all the skills needed for an activity
VERB + CRAFT learn, master, perfect It took her years to perfect her craft.
PHRASES a master of your craft a carpenter who is a real master of his craft

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III. boat
ADJ. small | assault, fishing, landing, patrol, pleasure, river, sailing

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a traditional/ancient craft
The Navajo Indians sell their jewellery and other traditional crafts.
a local craft
local crafts such as glass blowing and leather work
a rural/country craft (=done in the countryside)
The museum contains exhibits of old rural crafts.
a skilled craft
Building stone walls is a highly skilled craft.
learn a craft
As a girl, she had to learn the craft of hand sewing.
practise a craft British English, practice a craft American English
The craftsmen use traditional tools to practise their ancient crafts.
a craft shop (=selling things made by craftsmen or women)
craft work (=things made by craftsmen or women)
Craft work, such as hand-knitted items or decorated cakes, often sells well.
a craft workshop (=place where a craftsman or woman works)
a craft fair (=event where people buy and sell crafts)
a craft centre British English, a craft center American English (=building where you can see different crafts and buy things)
arts and crafts (=things produced by artists and craftsmen or women)
an exhibition of Indian arts and crafts

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