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crafty /ˈkrɑːfti $ ˈkræf-/ adjective (comparative craftier, superlative craftiest)

حیله گر ، بامهارت
Synonyms: cunning, artful, calculating, devious, sharp, shrewd, sly, subtle, wily
Related Words: adroit, clever, tidy, acute, keen, sharp, deceitful, fawning, sleekit, sleeky

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crafty /ˈkrɑːfti $ ˈkræf-/ adjective (comparative craftier, superlative craftiest)
good at getting what you want by clever planning and by secretly deceiving people Synonym : cunning, sly:
He’s a crafty old devil.
—craftily adverb
—craftiness noun [uncountable]

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