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crate /kreɪt/ noun [countable]

صندوق بزرگ چوبی ، صندوقی که چینی یا شیشه دران میگذارند ، صندوقه ، درجعبه گذاردن ، جعبه بندی (چینی الات) ، بازرگانی: صندوق مشبک ، صندوقی که جهت بسته بندی ماشین الات بکاربرده می شود و معمولا مسبک است
Synonyms: container, box, case, packing case, tea chest

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I. crate1 /kreɪt/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: cratis 'framework of thin woven branches']

1. a large box made of wood or plastic that is used for carrying fruit, bottles etc
crate of
a crate of beer

2. old-fashioned a very old car or plane that does not work very well

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II. crate2 (also crate up) verb [transitive]
to pack things into a crate

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ADJ. sealed | upturned The cat was sitting on an upturned crate.
beer, milk, orange | shipping Their possessions had all been packed into shipping crates.
QUANT. pile, stack
VERB + CRATE pile, stack They stacked the crates in the corner of the yard.
pack (sth in/into), unpack They packed the crates with books.
load, unload | ship a company specializing in shipping crates
CRATE + VERB contain sth
PREP. ~ of a crate of oranges

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