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Crisp, Quentin /ˈkwentən, ˈkwentɪn/
crisp /krɪsp/ noun [countable]

مجعد شدن ، موجدارکردن ، حلقه حلقه کردن ، چیز خشک وترد ، ترد ، سیب زمینی برشته
- crunchy, brittle, crispy, crumbly, firm, fresh
- clean, neat, smart, spruce, tidy, trim, well-groomed, well-pressed
- bracing, brisk, fresh, invigorating, refreshing
Contrasted words: flabby, flaccid, limp
Related Words: piquing, provoking, stimulating
English Thesaurus: cold, cool, freezing (cold), shivery, chilly, ...

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Crisp, Quentin /ˈkwentən, ˈkwentɪn/
(1908–99) a writer and critic who was born in the UK but went to live in the US. He is known especially for writing The Naked Civil Servant (1968) and for being homosexual, and for his clever and amusing opinions and strange clothes.

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I. crisp1 /krɪsp/ noun [countable] British English
a very thin flat round piece of potato that is cooked in oil and eaten cold ⇒ chip Synonym : potato chip American English:
a packet of crisps

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II. crisp2 adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: crisp 'curly' (10-20 centuries), from Latin crispus]

1. HARD something that is crisp is hard, and makes a pleasant sound when you break it or crush it:
She kicked at the crisp leaves at her feet.
He stepped carefully through the crisp deep snow.

2. FOOD food that is crisp is pleasantly hard or firm when you bite it Synonym : crispy Antonym : soggy:
a crisp green salad
a crisp juicy apple
Cook the pastry until it is crisp and golden.
The meat should be nice and crisp on the outside.

3. PAPER/CLOTH paper or cloth that is crisp is fresh, clean, and new Synonym : fresh:
a crisp new five-dollar bill
crisp cotton sheets

4. WEATHER weather that is crisp is cold and dry Antonym : humid:
The air was fresh and crisp.
a crisp clear autumn day
The weather remained crisp and dry.

5. PEOPLE if someone behaves or speaks in a crisp way, they are confident, polite, and firm, but not very friendly:
Her tone was crisp and businesslike.

6. PICTURE/SOUND a picture or sound that is crisp is clear Synonym : sharp:
an old recording that still sounds remarkably crisp
—crisply adverb:
‘Take a seat,’ she said crisply.
—crispness noun [uncountable]

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III. crisp3 verb [intransitive and transitive]
to become crisp or make something become crisp by cooking or heating it:
Cook the chicken until the skin is nicely crisped.

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noun (usually crisps)
ADJ. potato | plain | cheese and onion, ready salted, salt and vinegar, etc.
QUANT. bag, packet a packet of smoky bacon crisps
CRISP + NOUN bag, packet
 ⇒ Special page at FOOD

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See: burn to a crisp

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