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criterion /kraɪˈtɪəriən $ -ˈtɪr-/ noun (plural criteria /-riə/) [countable usually plural]

Irregular Forms: (pl) criteria

ملاک ، میزان ، مقیاس ، معیار ، نشان قطعی ، محک ، ضابطه ، روانشناسی: ملاک ، زیست شناسی: سنجه ، بازرگانی: معیار
Synonyms: standard, bench mark, gauge, measure, principle, rule, test, touchstone, yardstick
Related Words: adjudgment, judgment

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criterion W2 AC /kraɪˈtɪəriən $ -ˈtɪr-/ noun (plural criteria /-riə/) [countable usually plural]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Greek; Origin: kriterion, from krinein 'to judge, decide']
a standard that you use to judge something or make a decision about something:
the criteria we use to select candidates
criterion for
the criteria for measuring how good schools are
Academic ability is not the sole criterion for admission to the college.
a universal set of criteria for diagnosing patients
meet/satisfy/fulfil criteria
To qualify for a grant, students must satisfy certain criteria.

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ADJ. sole | main | strict, stringent | objective | eligibility, selection
QUANT. range, set
VERB + CRITERION fulfil, meet, satisfy She failed to meet the stringent selection criteria.
establish, lay down | adopt, apply, use The other groups agreed to adopt our criteria.
PREP. according to a/the ~ Team members will be selected according to strict criteria.
by a/the ~ By this criterion, very few people are suitable.
~ for The report lays down criteria for disciplining staff.
~ of What are the criteria of success for a training scheme?

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meet/satisfy/fulfil the criteria
Does your experience meet the criteria for the job?
use criteria
What criteria do we use to decide whether one book is better than another?
apply criteria (=use them)
There are certain criteria you should apply when buying a computer.
be based on criteria
Normal child development is based upon certain criteria.
establish the criteria for something
Management establishes the criteria for each project.
the main criterion
You need to decide on your main criteria before you buy a house.
the sole criterion (=the only one)
Examination results are still seen as the sole criterion of success in education.
a strict criterion (=very exact)
All the cars must meet strict criteria, and are tested by our mechanics.
academic/political/environmental etc criteria
The winning product must satisfy a range of environmental criteria.
an objective criterion (=that is based on fact and not opinion)
The label of 'carer' was defined by the objective criterion of someone who spends more than seven hours looking after someone.
a set of criteria
Doctors use an established set of criteria for making a diagnosis.
a list of criteria
There’s a list of criteria that you must meet in order to pass your driving test.

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BAD: These decisions should not be based on purely financial criterias.
GOOD: These decisions should not be based on purely financial criteria.

Usage Note:
Criteria is the plural of criterion : 'The company's sole criterion of success is high sales.' 'These new criteria make it easier to get a visa.'

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