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crooked /ˈkrʊkəd, ˈkrʊkɪd/ adjective

ناراست ، کج ، نادرست ، علوم مهندسی: خمیده
- bent, curved, deformed, distorted, hooked, irregular, misshapen, out of shape, twisted, warped, zigzag
- at an angle, askew, awry, lopsided, off-centre, skewwhiff (Brit. informal), slanting, squint, uneven
- dishonest, bent (slang), corrupt, criminal, fraudulent, illegal, shady (informal), underhand, unlawful
Antonyms: straight, honest
Contrasted words: direct, undeviating, aboveboard, forthright, straightforward, conscientious, honorable, just, proper, righteous, scrupulous, upright
Related Words: oblique, circuitous, indirect, roundabout, errant, meandering, rambling, serpentine, snaky, tortuous, winding, zigzag, devious, shifty, underhand, double-dealing, fraudulent, deceitful, lying, untruthful, ruthless, unscrupulous
English Thesaurus: bent, twisted, curved, warped, crooked, ...

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crooked /ˈkrʊkəd, ˈkrʊkɪd/ adjective

1. bent, twisted, or not in a straight line Antonym : straight
crooked smile/grin
His lips curled into a crooked smile.
Your tie’s crooked.
narrow crooked streets

2. dishonest:
a crooked cop
—crookedly adverb
—crookedness noun [uncountable]

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