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crop /krɒp $ krɑːp/ noun [countable]

سرقیچی کردن ، محصول ، چیدن ، گیسو را زدن ، سرشاخه زدن ، حاصل دادن ، چینه دان ، علوم مهندسی: سرشاخه زدن ، کامپیوتر: حذف قسمتی از یک تصویر در گرافیک های کامپیوتری
الکترونیک: حذف قسمتی از یک تصویر در گرافیک های کامپیوتری ، کامپیوتر: سرقیچی کردن ، چیدن ، سرشاخه زدن ، علوم مهندسی: محصول ، چیدن ، گیسو را زدن ، سرشاخه زدن ، حاصل دادن ، چینه دان

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- produce, fruits, gathering, harvest, reaping, vintage, yield
- cut, clip, lop, pare, prune, shear, snip, trim
- graze, browse, nibble
Related Words: chop, hew, slash, detach, disengage, snip

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I. crop1 W3 /krɒp $ krɑːp/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: cropp 'bird's crop, top part of a plant']

1. a plant such as wheat, rice, or fruit that is grown by farmers and used as food ⇒ GM:
The main crops were oats and barley.
crop production
crops grown for marketcash crop

2. the amount of wheat, rice, fruit etc that is produced in a season Synonym : harvest
crop of
this season’s crop of quality pears
Fruit growers are gathering in a bumper crop (=a very large amount of something produced in a season).
increased crop yields

3. crop of somebody/something a group of people who arrive or things that happen at the same time
crop of somebody/something of
South Korea’s present crop of elected politicians

4. a short whip used in horse-riding

5. the part under a bird’s throat where food is stored

6. a very short hairstyle

7. crop of dark hair/blonde curls etc hair that is short, thick, and attractive:
his reddish crop of shining hair

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II. crop2 verb (past tense and past participle cropped, present participle cropping)

1. [transitive] to cut someone’s hair short:
Stella’s had her hair closely cropped.

2. [transitive] to cut a part off a photograph or picture so that it is a particular size or shape

3. [transitive] if an animal crops grass or other plants, it makes them short by eating them

4. [intransitive] British English if a plant crops, it produces fruit, grain etc:
My strawberries crop in June or July.
crop up phrasal verb

1. if a problem crops up, it happens or appears suddenly and in an unexpected way Synonym : arise

2. if something such as a name or a subject crops up, it appears in something you read or hear Synonym : come up:
Your name kept cropping up in conversation.

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I. plants grown for food
ADJ. agricultural | cash, commercial, export | fodder, food, forage Fodder crops are used to feed livestock.
subsistence | staple | traditional the replacement of traditional crops with cash crops for export
spring, winter | standing Rivers burst their banks and flooded standing crops.
arable, cereal, fruit, root, vegetable
VERB + CROP grow, produce Most of the farmers grow arable crops.
plant, sow | bring in, gather, harvest, reap | damage, destroy Summer flash floods destroyed the crops.
rotate | spray Crops are sprayed with highly toxic chemicals to prevent insect damage.
CROP + VERB fail Isolated communities were extremely vulnerable if crops failed.
CROP + NOUN rotation Crop rotation helps prevent soil erosion.
damage, failure | production, yield to boost crop yields
PREP. ~ of a crop of carrots

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II. total amount of grain, fruit, etc. grown
ADJ. abundant, bumper, excellent, good, heavy, record | poor | early Bring strawberry plants indoors for an early crop.
potato, rice, etc.
VERB + CROP gather, get, harvest, have, reap a record crop was harvested We had a very good crop of apples last year.
bear, produce, yield It takes three to five years for a new plantation to bear a crop.
PREP. ~ of

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ADV. closely His hair was closely cropped.
PHRASES crop sth short His hair had been cropped short and he looked different.

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grow a crop
Many crops are grown from seed every year.
plant a crop
Farmers burn their fields in preparation for planting crops.
harvest/bring in a crop
Brazil's coffee crop begins to be harvested in May.
produce a crop
The land is so poor that much of the seed will not produce a crop.
rotate the crops (=regularly change the crops grown on a piece of land)
Crops are sometimes rotated with grass.
something destroys/damages a crop
When disease destroyed the crop, famine followed.
a crop fails (=does not grow or produce food properly)
The drought meant the crops failed and food was scarce.
the wheat/cereal/rice etc crop
In January farmers prepare the ground for the potato crop.
a food crop
The demand for ethanol has reduced the amount of corn grown as a food crop.
a cash crop (=grown to be sold rather than used)
Cotton is grown as a cash crop in the savannah.
an arable/agricultural crop (=grown on farm land)
A lot of woodland has been cleared for arable crops.
genetically modified crops (also GM crops) (=ones that have had their genetic structure changed)
He argues that genetically modified crops are needed to avoid future famines.
a staple crop (=an important one that forms a big part of people's diet)
staple crops such as rice and wheat
an export crop (=grown to be exported)
Cocoa is the country's main export crop.
crop production
The area is mostly unsuitable for crop production.
crop failure (=failure to grow or produce food)
Ethiopia's 1989 crop failure was disastrous.
crop damage
The storms caused crop damage across the country.
crop rotation (=the practice of rotating crops)
Crop rotation helps build up soil fertility.

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See: cash crop , cream of the crop , stick in one's craw or stick in one's crop

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