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crush /krʌʃ/ verb [transitive]

مچاله کردن ، سانحه هوایی ، تصادف کردن ، له کردن خرد کردن ، فشردن ، چلاندن ، له شدن ، خردشدن ، باصدا شکستن ، (مج). شکست دادن ، پیروزشدن بر ، علوم مهندسی: خرد کردن ، علوم نظامی: برخورد کردن بزمین
- squash, break, compress, press, pulverize, squeeze
- overcome, conquer, overpower, overwhelm, put down, quell, stamp out, subdue
- humiliate, abash, mortify, put down (slang), quash, shame
- crowd, huddle, jam
Related Idioms: crush (or grind) under one's heel, ride down into the dust, roll (or trample) in the dust, bring one to his knees
Related Words: scruze, squeeze, press, contuse, batter, maim, beat, pound, dash, quash, quat, smash, comminute, powder, pulverize, triturate, quelch, repress, squelch, strangle, beat down, conquer, defeat, subdue, subjugate, ruin, wreck, abolish, demolish, destroy, blot out, obliterate, calf love, puppy love
English Thesaurus: beat, defeat, trounce, thrash, wipe the floor with somebody, ...

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I. crush1 /krʌʃ/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: cruisir]

1. to press something so hard that it breaks or is damaged:
His leg was crushed in the accident.
Two people were crushed to death in the rush to escape.

2. to press something in order to break it into very small pieces or into a powder:
Crush two cloves of garlic.

3. crush a rebellion/uprising/revolt etc to use severe methods to stop people from fighting you or opposing you Synonym : put down:
The revolution was crushed within days.

4. crush sb’s hopes/enthusiasm/confidence etc to make someone lose all hope, confidence etc

5. to make someone feel extremely upset or shocked:
Sara was crushed by their insults.
crush on somebody phrasal verb American English informal
to have a feeling of romantic love for someone, especially someone you do not know well:
a guy in my class that I’m crushing on

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II. crush2 noun

1. [singular] a crowd of people pressed so close together that it is difficult for them to move:
There’s always such a crush on the train in the mornings.

2. [countable] a strong feeling of romantic love for someone, especially one that a young person has for someone older who they do not know well ⇒ infatuation:
She had a huge crush on her geography teacher.
It’s just a schoolgirl crush.

3. [countable] American English informal someone who you have a feeling of romantic love for, but who you do not know well:
a first date with your crush

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ADJ. huge | schoolgirl, teenage
VERB + CRUSH have | develop, get
PREP. ~ on She had a huge crush on one of her teachers.

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ADV. badly His hand was badly crushed in the accident.
slightly | finely Crush the biscuits finely before adding them to the mixture.
underfoot insects that had been crushed underfoot
PREP. against She was crushed against the wall.
beneath/under crushed beneath a bus
between crushed between two cars
PHRASES be/get crushed, crush sb to death

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