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ˈCry, the Beˌloved ˌCountry
cry /kraɪ/ verb (past tense and past participle cried, present participle crying, third person singular cries)
cry noun (plural cries)

Irregular Forms: (pl) crying(pl) cryings

فریاد زدن ، داد زدن ، گریه کردن ، صدا کردن ، فریاد ، گریه ، خروش ، بانگ زدن
پزشکی: گریه

[TahlilGaran] Persian Dictionary

- weep, blubber, shed tears, snivel, sob
- shout, bawl, bellow, call out, exclaim, howl, roar, scream, shriek, yell
- weeping, blubbering, snivelling, sob, sobbing, weep
- shout, bellow, call, exclamation, howl, roar, scream, screech, shriek, yell
- appeal, plea
Related Idioms: cry one's eyes (or heart) out, pipe one's eye, shed tears
Related Words: bleat, sniff, snivel, whimper, whine, break down, choke up, groan, moan, sigh, bemoan, bewail, keen, lament, mourn, sorrow, bawl, howl, squall, yowl, slogan, screech, squawk, squeak, caw
English Thesaurus: cry, cry your eyes out, be in tears, be close to tears, weep, ...

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ˈCry, the Beˌloved ˌCountry
a book by Alan Paton about a black minister (=Christian priest) and his family in South Africa in the 1940s. It shows the lack of equality between black and white people, but encourages them not to hate each other.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. cry1 S2 W2 /kraɪ/ verb (past tense and past participle cried, present participle crying, third person singular cries)
[Word Family: noun: cry, crying, outcry; verb: cry; adjective: crying]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: crier, from Latin quiritare 'to shout for help (from a citizen), scream', from Quiris 'Roman citizen']

1. PRODUCE TEARS [intransitive and transitive] to produce tears from your eyes, usually because you are unhappy or hurt:
Don’t cry, Laura. It’ll be OK.
Upstairs, a baby began to cry.
Jamie looked like he’d been crying.
I just couldn’t stop crying.
That film always makes me cry.
cry over/about
I am too old to be crying over some young guy.
cry with/in
She felt like crying with frustration.
cry for
She could hear him crying for his mother.
cry your eyes/heart out (=be extremely sad and cry a lot)
Oliver, alone, began to cry bitterly (=cry a lot).
cry yourself to sleep (=cry until you fall asleep)

2. SAY LOUDLY [transitive] written to shout or say something loudly Synonym : cry out:
‘Stop!’ she cried.
It was painful, and made me cry aloud.
cry to
‘Goodbye then!’ he cried to her.
cry for
I could hear voices crying for help.

3. cry over spilt milk to waste time feeling sorry about an earlier mistake or problem that cannot be changed:
It’s no use crying over spilt milk.

4. for crying out loud spoken used when you feel annoyed or impatient with someone:
For crying out loud, stop nagging!

5. cry foul to protest because you think something is wrong or not fair:
When the ads appeared, it was the Democrats’ turn to cry foul.

6. ANIMALS/BIRDS [intransitive] if animals or birds cry, they make a loud sound:
I could hear gulls crying and the soft whisper of the sea.

7. cry wolf to ask for help when you do not need it, so that people do not believe you when you really need help

8. cry into your beer informal to feel too much pity for yourself, especially because you think you have been treated unfairly
not know whether to laugh or cry at laugh1(3), ⇒ cry for the moon at moon1(4), ⇒ a shoulder to cry on at shoulder1(5)

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

II. cry2 W3 noun (plural cries)
[Word Family: noun: cry, crying, outcry; verb: cry; adjective: crying]

1. SOUND EXPRESSING EMOTION [countable] a loud sound expressing a strong emotion such as pain, fear, or pleasure:
a baby’s cry
cry of pain/alarm/delight etc
Alice let out a cry of alarm.
let out/give a cry
The stone hit him on the forehead and he gave a sharp cry.

2. SHOUT [countable] a shouted word or phrase
cry of
At last, there was a cry of ‘Silence!’, and everyone looked towards the door.
cry for
Fortunately, a passerby heard his cries for help.

3. TEARS [singular] especially British English a period of time during which tears come out of your eyes, usually because you are unhappy:
It’s good to have a cry sometimes.
I felt much better after I’d had a good cry (=cried for a long time).

4. cry for help something someone says or does that shows that they are very unhappy and need help:
I think taking the pills was a cry for help.

5. PHRASE [countable] a phrase that is used to unite people in support of a particular action or idea Synonym : slogan:
‘Land and Liberty’ was the rallying cry of revolutionary Mexico.battle cry(1), war cry

6. ANIMAL/BIRD [countable] a sound made by a particular animal Synonym : call:
the cries of seagulls overhead
be a far cry from something at far2(5), ⇒ in full cry at full1(22), ⇒ hue and cry

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. shout/loud noise
ADJ. great, loud | little, low, small | choked/choking, muffled, stifled, strangled | piercing, shrill | hoarse the hoarse cry of a crow
agonized, anguished, bitter, despairing, desperate, plaintive, terrible | startled | involuntary | battle, rallying, war, warning | animal, bird
VERB + CRY give, let out, raise, utter She gave an agonized cry as they lifted the fallen branch from her leg. He was too weak to raise even the smallest of cries.
CRY + VERB go up A cry went up when it was discovered their man had escaped.
escape An involuntary cry escaped her as he entered the room.
PREP. with a ~ He fell to the ground with a cry.
~ for (figurative) Her suicide attempt was really a desperate cry for help.
~ of a cry of despair/delight
 ⇒ Note at SOUND

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II. act of crying
ADJ. good | little
VERB + CRY have You'll feel better when you've had a good cry.

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I. produce tears
ADV. a lot | a little | almost, nearly | never, rarely | bitterly He put his head on his arms and cried bitterly.
loudly | quietly, silently, softly | uncontrollably | alone
VERB + CRY begin to, start to | make sb | leave sb to children who are left to cry alone
PREP. about What are you crying about?
for a child crying for his mother
over I wasn't going to waste time crying over him!
with Anna was almost crying with frustration.
PHRASES cry like a baby Finally he broke down and cried like a baby.
cry your eyes out, cry yourself to sleep, feel like crying I felt like crying when I found out what had happened.
a shoulder to cry on (figurative) He was a fatherly shoulder to cry on when things went wrong.

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II. shout
ADV. aloud, out | suddenly | angrily, indignantly ‘Never!’ he cried angrily.
despairingly, desperately | excitedly | passionately, wildly
VERB + CRY want to She wanted to cry out to him not to be so stupid.
hear sb I heard her cry out in her sleep.
PREP. in ‘What do you mean?’ she cried in agitation. ‘Who's there?’ she cried in a shrill voice.
PHRASES cry for help She cried for help as the fire spread.
cry out in anguish/fear/pain

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start/begin to cry
She suddenly started to cry.
make somebody cry
The end of the book was so sad that it made me cry.
stop crying
Eventually, he stopped crying and told me what happened.
feel like crying
I feel like crying every time I think about that day.
cry your eyes/heart out (=be extremely sad and cry a lot)
Lucy read the letter and cried her eyes out.
cry like a baby (=cry a lot and without control)
I cried like a baby when I heard the news.
cry yourself to sleep (=cry until you fall asleep)
That night he cried himself to sleep.
cry loudly
She fell on her bed, crying loudly.
cry quietly/softly
People sat crying softly among the wreckage.
cry silently
When I looked at Jane, I saw that she was crying silently.
cry bitterly (=because you feel angry or hurt)
I no longer felt brave or strong, and I began to cry bitterly.
cry uncontrollably (=without being able to stop)
They were crying uncontrollably at the sight of his grave.

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BAD: The children got very excited and began to cry.
GOOD: The children got very excited and began to scream.

Usage Note:
cry = shout something: ' "Help! Help!" she cried.'
cry out = make a sudden loud noise when you are frightened, shocked, hurt, etc: 'When they tried to move him, he cried out in pain.'
scream = make a loud, high, continuous noise, especially when you are very frightened, very excited or in great pain: 'One of the firemen thought he heard someone screaming inside the building.' 'The fans didn't stop screaming until the group had left the stage.'

BAD: Even when she is angry, she never cries.
GOOD: Even when she is angry, she never shouts.

Usage Note:
shout = speak in a very loud voice, especially because you want someone to hear you or because you are angry: 'There's no need to shout. I'm not deaf, you know.' 'The demonstrators marched through the streets shouting:No more war! No more war!'

DUBIOUS: When he reached the point in his story when his friends were arrested and tortured, he began to cry.
GOOD: When he reached the point in his story when his friends were arrested and tortured, he began to weep.

Usage Note:
cry = the opposite of laugh : 'As the child was running towards me, she fell over and began to cry.' 'Babies always cry when they're hungry.'
weep = cry quietly, usually because of great sadness. This word is mainly used in literary styles: 'He knelt down by his son's small grave and wept.'

BAD: I didn't know whether to cry or laugh.
GOOD: I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Usage Note:
Laugh or cry is a fixed phrase: 'His jokes are so awful that you don't know whether to laugh or cry.'

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See: far cry , for crying out loud , hue and cry

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