cry out
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cry   out  

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cry out
Synonyms: exclaim, blat, blurt (out), bolt, ejaculate

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cry out phrasal verb (see also cry)

1. to make a loud sound of fear, shock, pain etc
cry out in/with
Even the smallest movement made him cry out in pain.
John tightened his grip until she cried out.

2. to shout or say something loudly:
‘Why are you doing this?’ she cried out suddenly.
cry out for
I felt too terrified to even cry out for help.

3. be crying out for something informal to need something urgently:
The kitchen is crying out for a coat of paint.
My parents had divorced and I was crying out for love.

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cry out
1. To call out loudly; shout; scream.
The woman in the water cried out "Help!"
2. To complain loudly; protest strongly.
Used with "against".
Many people are crying out against the new rule.

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