cumber ●○○○○
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cumber noun. ['kʌmbǝ]
cumber verb trans. ['kʌmbǝ]

خراب شدن ، مزاحم شدن ، چیز وحشتناک ، غیر قابل استفاده
Synonyms: burden, charge, clog, encumber, lade, load, lumber, saddle, task, tax

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cum·ber (kmbər)
tr.v. cum·bered, cum·ber·ing, cum·bers
To weigh down; burden:
was cumbered with many duties.
To hamper or hinder, as by being in the way:
was cumbered with a long poncho.
To litter; clutter up:
Weeds cumbered the garden paths.
Archaic. To bother; distress.
A hindrance; an encumbrance.

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[Middle English combren, to annoy, from Old French combrer, from combre, hindrance, from Vulgar Latin *comboros, of Celtic origin.]

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cumber·er n.

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