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curb /kɜːb $ kɜːrb/ verb [transitive]

زنجیر ، بازداشت ، جلوگیری ، لبه پیاده رو ، محدود کردن ، دارای دیواره یا حایل کردن ، تحت کنترل دراوردن ، فرونشاندن ، معماری: جدول ، ورزش: برجستگی لبه های داخلی مسیر دو
- restraint, brake, bridle, check, control, deterrent, limitation, rein
- restrain, check, control, hinder, impede, inhibit, restrict, retard, suppress
Antonyms: goad, spur
Contrasted words: unbridle, unleash
Related Idioms: hold in leash, keep a tight rein on
Related Words: repress, suppress, fetter, hamper, hog-tie, manacle, shackle

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I. curb1 /kɜːb $ kɜːrb/ verb [transitive]
to control or limit something in order to prevent it from having a harmful effect:
measures to curb the spread of the virus

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II. curb2 noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: courbe 'curve, curved piece of wood or metal', from Latin curvus; curve2]

1. an influence which helps to control or limit something
curb on
We are trying to keep a curb on their activities.

2. American English the raised edge of a road, between where people can walk and cars can drive Synonym : kerb British Englishpavement, sidewalk

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VERB + CURB impose, introduce, put | act as Counselling acted as a curb on his violent behaviour.
PREP. ~ on Many companies have imposed curbs on smoking in the workplace.

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ADV. drastically, greatly This legislation will greatly curb the power of local authorities.
VERB + CURB attempt to, try to | be designed to, be intended to a new law designed to curb harmful emissions from factories
PHRASES aimed at curbing sth a range of policies aimed at curbing inflation
an attempt/effort to curb sth, measures to curb sth

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