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dance /dɑːns $ dæns/ noun

رقصیدن، رقص
ارسال ایمیل
- prance, hop, jig, skip, sway, trip, whirl
- ball, disco, discotheque, hop (informal), knees-up (Brit. informal), social
Related Idioms: cut a rug, trip the light fantastic
Related Words: shuffle, trip, truck, quaver, quiver, shake, tremble, wobble
English Thesaurus: dance, ball, prom, formal, disco, ...

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I. dance1 S2 W3 /dɑːns $ dæns/ noun

1. [countable] a special set of movements performed to a particular type of music:
The waltz is an easy dance to learn.
folk/traditional dance
the traditional dances and music of Russia

2. [countable] a social event or party where you dance:
Are you going to the dance this weekend?
the school dance

3. [countable] an act of dancing:
Claire did a little dance of excitement.
have a dance especially British English:
Let’s have another dance.

4. [countable] a piece of music which you can dance to:
The band was playing a slow dance.

5. [uncountable] the activity or art of dancing:
modern dance
dance and movement classes
song and dance about something at song(4), ⇒ lead somebody a dance at lead1(19)

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II. dance2 S2 W3 verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: dancier]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to move your feet and body in a way that matches the style and speed of music:
Come on, let’s dance.
dance to
They danced to Ruby Newman’s orchestra (=the orchestra was playing).
dance with
The bride danced with her father.
dance a waltz/rumba/tango etc

2. [intransitive and transitive] to dance in performances, especially in ballet:
He danced with the Boston Repertory Ballet.
Nakamura dances several solos in this production.

3. [intransitive] literary to move up, down, and around quickly:
Pink and white balloons danced in the wind.

4. dance to sb’s tune to do what someone wants you to do – used to show disapproval:
At that time, Eastern bloc countries danced to the Soviet tune.

5. dance attendance on somebody to do everything possible in order to please someone:
a movie star with several young men dancing attendance on her
—dancing noun [uncountable]:
the beauty of her dancing

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I. series of steps/movements to music
ADJ. little | fast, lively | slow, stately | traditional | ritual | ballroom, folk, square | rain | mating pigeons performing their mating dance
VERB + DANCE dance, do, perform In her delight she got up and did a little dance.
have May I have the next dance? I felt like having a dance.
like Would you like a dance?
sit out She had to sit out the last dance because of a twisted ankle.
DANCE + NOUN music, rhythm | routine, sequence, step | class, teacher | floor, hall, studio

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II. social meeting with dancing
ADJ. barn | school | dinner, supper, tea
VERB + DANCE go to | hold
PREP. at a/the ~ They met at a dance.

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III. dancing as a form of art/entertainment
ADJ. contemporary, modern | classical
DANCE + NOUN company, troupe
PHRASES a school of dance, a style of dance

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ADV. almost | wildly They danced wildly down the street.
about, around, away | together
VERB + DANCE ask sb to | want to
PREP. for He was almost dancing for joy.
to We danced to the music.
with Will you dance with me?

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a traditional dance
The drum is often used in Africa to accompany traditional dances.
a folk dance (=typical of the ordinary people who live somewhere)
This is one of the oldest folk dances in Greece.
a national dance
The Tango is Argentina’s national dance.
do a dance
Can you do any dances?
perform a dance
We watched the group perform some traditional Spanish dances.
a dance routine/sequence (=a set of movements that are part of a dance)
She was practising a complicated dance routine.
a dance step (=a movement in a dance)
Lou was teaching me a few dance steps.
dance music
A small band was playing dance music.
a dance floor (=special floor for people to dance on)
a dance band (=playing music that people can dance to)
a professional dance band

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BAD: There were lots of young boys and girls dancing pop music.
GOOD: There were lots of young boys and girls dancing to pop music.
BAD: Then we danced with the music of 'Grease'.
GOOD: Then we danced to the music of 'Grease'.

Usage Note:
dance to a particular type/piece of music: 'What type of music do you prefer dancing to?'

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See: song and dance

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