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dash /dæʃ/ verb
dash noun

مسابقه اسب دوانی یک مرحله ای، دو سرعت در تالار سرپوشیده، علامت زدن، مسیری را ادامه دادن، در سمت مسیر پیشرفتن، خط تیره) _ (، بسرعت رفتن، بسرعت انجام دادن، فاصله میان دو حرف، خط تیره، این علامت (ـ)، بشدت زدن، پراکنده کردن، عمران: خط تیره، ورزش: کشتی تهاجمی، علوم نظامی: خط فاصله مستقیم جلو رفتن
ارسال ایمیل
- rush, bolt, fly, hurry, race, run, speed, sprint, tear
- throw, cast, fling, hurl, slam, sling
- crash, break, destroy, shatter, smash, splinter
- frustrate, blight, foil, ruin, spoil, thwart, undo
- rush, dart, race, run, sortie, sprint, spurt
- little, bit, drop, hint, pinch, soupçon, sprinkling, tinge, touch
- style, brio, élan, flair, flourish, panache, spirit, verve
Contrasted words: dally, dawdle, delay, linger, tarry, lumber, plod, slog, trudge, apathy, dullness, languor, lethargy, listlessness, sluggishness, stagnation, torpor
Related Words: run, scamper, scoot, scurry, sprint, energy, force, might, power, strength, intensity, vehemence, impressiveness, impress, impression, stamp
English Thesaurus: apostrophe, brackets, colon, semicolon, comma, ...

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I. dash1 /dæʃ/ verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Probably from the sound of something breaking when hit]

1. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to go or run somewhere very quickly:
Olive dashed into the room, grabbed her bag, and ran out again.

2. dash sb’s hopes to disappoint someone by telling them that what they want is not possible:
Hopkins’ hopes were dashed when his appeal was denied.

3. (I) must dash/(I) have to dash British English spoken used to tell someone that you must leave quickly:
Anyway, I must dash – I said I’d meet Daniel at eight.

4. [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] written to throw or push something violently against something, especially so that it breaks
dash something against/on something
The ship was dashed against the rocks.
dash against
Waves were dashing against the sea wall.

5. dash it (all)! British English old-fashioned used to show that you are slightly annoyed or angry about something
dash off phrasal verb

1. to leave somewhere very quickly:
Harry dashed off before she had a chance to thank him.

2. dash something ↔ off to write or draw something very quickly:
She dashed off a quick letter.

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II. dash2 noun

1. SMALL AMOUNT [singular]
a) a small amount of a substance that is added to something else
dash of
Add salt, pepper and a dash of vinegar.
b) a small amount of a quality that is added to something else
dash of
Add a dash of romance to your life with a trip to Paris.

2. RUN QUICKLY [countable usually singular] an occasion when someone runs somewhere very quickly in order to get away from something or someone, or in order to reach them
make a dash for something
He made a dash for the door.
The prisoners made a dash for freedom.
It’s pouring with rain – we’ll have to make a dash for it.
When the alarm went there was a mad dash for the exit.

3. LINE [countable] a line [ – ] used in writing to separate two closely related parts of a sentence, as for example, in the sentence ‘Go home – they’re waiting for you.’

4. SOUND [countable] a long sound or flash of light used for sending messages in Morse codedot

5. CAR [countable] American English a dashboard

6. STYLE [uncountable] old-fashioned style, energy, and courage in someone such as a soldier

7. cut a dash old-fashioned to look very impressive and attractive in particular clothes:
With her new image, she’ll certainly cut a dash on her holiday cruise.

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I. sudden quick movement
ADJ. quick, sudden | frantic, headlong, mad | final, last-minute
VERB + DASH make
PREP. ~ across We had to make a frantic dash across town to get our plane
~ for He made a sudden dash for the door.
~ from, ~ through The book starts with a quick dash through the country's history.
~ to He made a 200-mile dash to the hospital when a kidney donor became available.

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II. small amount of sth
VERB + DASH add Add a dash of lemon juice.
PREP. ~ of The food is European with a dash of Morocco.

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I. go/run quickly
ADV. frantically | about, around, back, forward, off, out I've got to dash off now.
VERB + DASH have to, must I must dash?I'm late.
PREP. across, along, down, in, into, out of, through, to, up He dashed frantically across the road.

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II. destroy sth
ADV. quickly | cruelly Her hopes were cruelly dashed when her parents refused to let her go.

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make a dash for something
The rain had almost stopped so we decided to make a dash for home.
make a dash for it (=run very quickly to escape or to reach a place)
He turned and made a dash for it but the police officer caught him.
a quick dash
Have I got time to make a quick dash to the shops?
a sudden dash
He made a sudden dash for the door.
a mad/frantic dash (=very fast, usually because you are worried about something)
‘Something’s burning’, she said, making a mad dash for the kitchen.
a headlong dash (=without looking where you are going)
I made a headlong dash up the street but just missed the bus.
a last-minute dash (=very fast, because you have very little time remaining)
We only just caught our plane, after a last-minute dash to the airport.

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