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data /ˈdeɪtə, ˈdɑːtə/ noun

Irregular Forms: pl. of {datum}

حقایق ، مختصات ، مفروضات ، (صورت جمع کلمه) datum ، اطلاعات ، سوابق ، دانسته ها ، داده ها ، کامپیوتر: عناصر داده ها ، عمران: داده های اماری ، قانون ـ فقه: داده ها ، شیمی: داده ها ، روانشناسی: داده ها ، زیست شناسی: داده ، بازرگانی: ارقام ، ورزش: داده ها ، علوم نظامی: عناصر داده ها
مهندسی صنایع: داده ، داده ها ، اطلاعات ، سوابق الکترونیک: داده ، داده ها ، کامپیوتر: داده ، زیست شناسی: داده ها ، شیمی: داده ها ، تربیت بدنی: اطلاعات ، ارقام ، تجارت خارجی: اطلاعات ، حقایق ، داده ها ، حقوق: مختصات ، اطلاعات ، سوابق ، عناصر داده ها ، کامپیوتر ، : علوم نظامی: مفروضات ، داده های اماری ، عمران: داده ها ، روانشناسی: داده ها ، ارقام ، اقتصاد ، : صورت جمع کلمه : datum مفروضات ، اطلاعات ، سوابق ، دانسته ها، داده ، داده ها کامپیوتر: داده )ها( کامپیوتر: داده پزشکی: داده ها ، داده

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Synonyms: information, details, facts, figures, statistics

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data S1 W1 AC /ˈdeɪtə, ˈdɑːtə/ noun
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: Plural of datum 'fact, piece of information' (17-21 centuries), from Latin, past participle of dare 'to give']

1. [plural,uncountable] information or facts:
The research involves collecting data from two random samples.
data on
data on pesticide use
experimental/historical/statistical etc data
detailed research data
After data, you can use a singular verb or, in formal or technical English, a plural verb:
The data is collected by trained interviewers.
These data are summarized in Table 5.
Do not say 'datas’ or 'a data'.

2. [uncountable] information in a form that can be stored and used, especially on a computer:
It’s possible to store a lot more data on a DVD.
data storage/transfer/retrieval

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ADJ. accurate, reliable | comprehensive, detailed, extensive | raw We have amassed the raw data and are about to begin analysing it.
factual, hard There is no hard data to support these theories.
empirical, experimental, numerical, observational, scientific, statistical | demographic, environmental, financial, geological, historical, technical
QUANT. item, piece One vital item of data was missing from the table.
mass, set Special software is needed to manipulate the mass of data. Although we were using the same set of data, we obtained different results.
VERB + DATA acquire, amass, capture, collect, gather, get, obtain We need to collect more data before we can do any more work.
enter, feed in | have, hold, record, store They are not allowed to hold data on people's private finances.
access, retrieve | analyse, examine, interpret, look at, study | handle, manage, manipulate, process The computer can manipulate massive amounts of data.
exchange, share, transfer | present (sb with) | provide (sb with) The government departments refused to provide the data that we required.
DATA + VERB be derived from sth The data derived from this project has vastly increased our knowledge of how genes work.
indicate sth, reflect sth, show sth, suggest sth Data indicates that most crime is committed by young males. This data reflects the magnitude of the problem.
support sth
DATA + NOUN acquisition, capture, collection | entry, input | storage | access, retrieval | analysis, handling, management, manipulation, processing | exchange, interchange, transfer, transmission | protection, security | source | archive, bank (also databank), base (also database), file | system
PREP. in the ~ We have found some very interesting things in the data.
~ about Data about patients is only released with their permission.
~ for We have no data for southern Spain.
~ from My aim is to synthesize data from all the surveys.
~ on data on the effects of pollution
PHRASES the acquisition/handling/storage, etc. of data, a source of data

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It’s important to ensure that the data we collect is accurate.
Some of the data isn’t very reliable.
factual data
It’s difficult to collect factual data on these insects.
historical/financial/scientific etc data
My research involves analyzing the historical data.
statistical data (=based on statistics)
It is difficult to compare statistical data from different countries.
empirical data (=based on tests or experience, not on ideas)
The theory is supported by empirical data.
experimental data (=resulting from experiments)
the analysis of experimental data
survey/census data (=produced in a survey or census)
Survey data show that people’s participation in sports rises with their level of income.
raw data (=data that has been collected, but not organized or studied)
This system does no more than produce the raw data.
computer data (=kept on a computer)
Digital cameras transfer pictures and sound into computer data.
electronic data (=kept in an electronic form)
new ways of storing electronic data
collect data
The survey data has been collected over the last three decades.
store data
The data is stored on a computer in our central office.
process data (=store and organize it using computers)
Newer computers can process data much more quickly.
analyze data
The researchers then began analyzing the data.
data shows something
The data shows that suicide rates among young men have increased over the last twenty years.
data indicates/suggests something
Our data indicates that weather patterns are likely to get more extreme.
a data base/data bank (=a large amount of data stored in a computer system)
We can compare insurance prices from different companies on the database.
data collection
Choosing the right method of data collection will be crucial to the experiment’s success.
data processing (=using computers to store and organize information)
They’ve got a very efficient system for data processing.
data analysis
Computers are increasingly used for data analysis.
a set of data (=one group of data)
The three sets of data produced strikingly different results.
a piece/item of data
Every single piece of data is important.
a body of data (=a large amount of data)
There is an enormous body of data in support of the theory.

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