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dawn /dɔːn $ dɒːn/ noun [uncountable and countable]

طلوع افتاب ، فجر ، سپیده دم ، طلوع ، اغاز شدن ، علوم نظامی: طلوع کردن
- daybreak, aurora (poetic), cockcrow, crack of dawn, daylight, morning, sunrise, sunup
- beginning, advent, birth, emergence, genesis, origin, rise, start
- grow light, break, brighten, lighten
- begin, appear, develop, emerge, originate, rise, unfold
- dawn on or upon: hit, become apparent, come into one's head, come to mind, occur, register (informal), strike
Antonyms: sunset
Related Idioms: break of day, crack of dawn, first blush (or flush) of day, first light, peep of day, the wee small hours
Related Words: prime
English Thesaurus: beginning, start, commencement, origin, the onset of something, ...

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I. dawn1 /dɔːn $ dɒːn/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: daw 'to dawn' (10-19 centuries), from Old English dagian; related to day]

1. the time at the beginning of the day when light first appears Synonym : daybreakdusk
at dawn
The boats set off at dawn.
When dawn broke (=the first light of the day appeared), we were still 50 miles from Calcutta.
I was up at the crack of dawn (=very early in the morning) to get the plane.
We worked from dawn to dusk (=through the whole day while it is light).
the cold light of dawn

2. the dawn of civilization/time etc the time when something began or first appeared:
People have been falling in love since the dawn of time.

3. a false dawn something that seems positive or hopeful but really is not:
There was talk of share prices recovering, but that was just a false dawn.

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II. dawn2 verb [intransitive]

1. if day or morning dawns, it begins:
The morning dawned fresh and clear after the storm.

2. if a period of time or situation dawns, it begins:
The age of Darwin had dawned.

3. if a feeling or idea dawns, you have it for the first time:
It began to dawn that something was wrong.
dawn on somebody phrasal verb
if a fact dawns on you, you realize it for the first time:
The ghastly truth dawned on me.
It dawned on me that Jo had been right all along.

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I. early morning
ADJ. grey
VERB + DAWN greet (literary) He always got up to greet the dawn.
DAWN + VERB break, come (up) Dawn was breaking over the valley.
DAWN + NOUN light, sky | chorus The dawn chorus (= birds singing) woke Robyn at five.
patrol, raid Ammunition was seized during a dawn raid on the flat.
PREP. at ~ That morning, she rose at dawn.
before ~, by ~, till/until ~, towards ~
PHRASES (at) the crack of dawn (= as soon as it begins to be light), from dawn to dusk He works from dawn to dusk, and often well into the night.

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II. beginning
ADJ. false This sudden success may prove to be a false dawn (= not the beginning of continued success).
PREP. ~ of the dawn of civilization/history/a new era Let's think back to the dawn of time.

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I. begin
PHRASES dawn bright, sunny, clear, cold, etc. The day dawned bright and sunny.

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II. become clear
ADV. suddenly | gradually, slowly It slowly dawned on me that he might have been mistaken.
eventually, finally
VERB + DAWN begin to It was beginning to dawn on her that she had been fooled.
PREP. on The dreadful truth finally dawned on me.

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