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deaf /def/ adjective

کر ، فاقد قوه شنوایی ، روانشناسی: ناشنوا
- hard of hearing, stone deaf, without hearing
- oblivious, indifferent, unconcerned, unhearing, unmoved
English Thesaurus: deaf, be hard of hearing, hearing-impaire

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deaf W3 /def/ adjective
[Language: Old English]

1. physically unable to hear anything or unable to hear well ⇒ hearing impaired:
communication between deaf and hearing people
I think Mum’s going a bit deaf.
She’s deaf and dumb (=unable to hear or speak) and communicates using sign language.
Tom was born profoundly deaf (=having great difficulty hearing).
stone deaf/deaf as a post informal (=completely deaf)hard of hearing, tone-deaf

2. the deaf [plural] people who are deaf:
a school for the deaf

3. be deaf to something literary to be unwilling to hear or listen to something:
She was deaf to his pleas.

4. turn a deaf ear (to something) to be unwilling to listen to what someone is saying or asking:
The factory owners turned a deaf ear to the demands of the workers.

5. fall on deaf ears if advice or a warning falls on deaf ears, everyone ignores it
—deafness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be | be born Their child was born deaf.
become, end up, go He eventually went deaf.
remain She remained deaf until she died.
leave sb, make sb Standing next to the machine all day left her deaf in one ear.
ADV. very | profoundly (technical), stone, totally Many of these children are profoundly deaf. It's no good shouting?he's stone deaf.
a little, partially, rather, slightly She spoke loudly because her mother was a little deaf.
chronically helping chronically deaf patients
PREP. ~ to (figurative) The committee remained deaf to our suggestions.
PHRASES deaf in one ear

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go deaf (=become deaf)
By the time he was 50 he had begun to go deaf.
be born deaf
If the mother gets the disease, her baby may be born deaf.
leave somebody deaf (=cause someone to become deaf)
A blow on the head left him permanently deaf.
totally deaf (=completely deaf)
He was totally deaf, and unable to walk.
partially deaf (=partly deaf)
Most children who are partially deaf can be taught in normal schools.
stone deaf informal (=completely deaf)
She must be stone deaf if she didn’t hear all that noise!
profoundly deaf technical (=completely deaf)
Many profoundly deaf children have great difficulty in learning to read.
as deaf as a post informal (=completely deaf)
He won’t hear you - he’s as deaf as a post.
deaf in one ear
The illness left her deaf in one ear.

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