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deal /diːl/ noun
deal verb (past tense and past participle dealt /delt/)

Irregular Forms: (dealt)

معامله داد و ستد ، مقدار ، اندازه ، قدر ، حد ، معامله کردن ، سر و کار داشتن با ، توزیع کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: اقدام کردن ، بازرگانی: مقدار بررسی ، علوم نظامی: سر و کار داشتن
- agreement, arrangement, bargain, contract, pact, transaction, understanding
- amount, degree, extent, portion, quantity, share
- sell, bargain, buy and sell, do business, negotiate, stock, trade, traffic
Contrasted words: receive, take, detain, hold, hold back, keep, retain, withhold, appropriate, arrogate, confiscate, annul, cancel, remove, rescind, revoke
Related Words: partake, participate, share, impart, mete, render

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I. deal1 S1 W1 /diːl/ noun
[Word Family: noun: deal, dealer, dealings; verb: deal]
[Language: Old English; Origin: dæl]

1. AGREEMENT [countable] an agreement or arrangement, especially in business or politics, that helps both sides involved:
They made a deal to sell the land to a property developer.
deal with
rumors that the company had done a deal with Microsoft to market its products
deal between
Twelve US soldiers were released after a deal between the army and the guerillas.

2. a great/good deal a large quantity of something Synonym : a lot
a great/good deal of
It took a great deal of time and effort.
His work has been attracting a great deal of attention.
a great/good deal more/less etc (=a lot more, less etc)
He knew a good deal more than I did.
She’s married to a man a good deal older than herself.
Use a great/good deal of only with uncountable nouns:
a great deal of time/money/work
With nouns in the plural, use a lot of:
a lot of people/animals/shops

3. TREATMENT [countable usually singular] treatment of a particular type that is given or received
a better/fairer etc deal
a better deal for nurses
The prime minister promised farmers a new deal (=a new and fairer system).
a rough/raw deal (=unfair treatment)
Women tend to get a raw deal from employers.

4. it’s a deal spoken used to say that you agree to do something:
OK, it’s a deal.

5. what's the deal? American English spoken used when you want to know about a problem or something strange that is happening:
So what's the deal? Why is he so mad?

6. CARDS [singular] when you give out cards to players in a card game ⇒ dealer:
It’s your deal, Alison.

7. WOOD [uncountable] British English fir or pine wood used for making things:
a deal table

8. a deal of something old-fashioned a large amount of something
big deal

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II. deal2 S1 W1 verb (past tense and past participle dealt /delt/)
[Word Family: noun: deal, dealer, dealings; verb: deal]

1. [intransitive and transitive] (also deal something ↔ out) to give playing cards to each of the players in a game:
Whose turn is it to deal?

2. [intransitive] informal to buy and sell illegal drugs:
Many users end up dealing to support their habit.

3. deal a blow (to somebody/something) to cause harm to someone or something – used in news reports
deal a heavy/severe/serious etc blow
The sanctions have dealt a severe blow to the local tourism industry.
This will deal a blow to consumer confidence.
deal in phrasal verb

1. deal in something to buy and sell a particular type of product ⇒ dealer
deal in shares/securities etc
investors dealing in stocks and shares
deal in drugs/stolen goods etc
He then began dealing in heroin.
deal in antiques/second-hand books etc

2. deal in something to be interested or involved in something:
As a scientist, I do not deal in speculation.

3. deal somebody in to include someone in a game of cards
deal something ↔ out phrasal verb

1. to give playing cards to each of the players in a game:
I began dealing out the cards.

2. to decide what kind of punishment someone will get
deal with somebody/something phrasal verb

1. to take the necessary action, especially in order to solve a problem Synonym : handle:
a strategy for dealing with disruptive pupils
Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this.
deal with a problem/issue/matter etc
The council has failed to deal with the problem of homelessness in the city.
deal effectively/adequately etc with something
They should deal properly and fairly with any complaint.

2. if a book, speech etc deals with a particular subject, it is about that subject:
These ideas are dealt with more fully in Chapter Four.

3. to do business with someone or have a business connection with someone:
Most travel agents do not deal directly with these companies.

4. to succeed in controlling your feelings about an emotional problem so that it does not affect your life Synonym : cope with:
How’s he dealing with the whole thing?

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

ADJ. fair, good | major They are hoping to clinch a major deal to supply computers to the army.
exclusive The TV station has signed an exclusive deal to show all United's home games.
lucrative | five-year, etc. | long-term | compromise | cut-price The company are offering cut-price deals on many flights.
shady He has been mixed up in several shady deals with arms dealers.
package The union accepted a package deal including higher pension and longer holiday allowance.
business, financial, political, trade | pay, sponsorship | arms, weapons | two-book, three-film, etc. The band signed a two-album deal with a record company.
VERB + DEAL agree, arrange, close, complete, conclude, cut, do, make, negotiate, reach, seal, sign, strike Management and unions have agreed a new deal on pay and productivity. I'll make a deal with you?I'll work evenings if you'll work weekends.
clinch, get, secure, win Nurses have taken to the streets to get a fair deal from the government.
have She has a lucrative deal with a cosmetics company.
pull out of Britain pulled out of the deal because of rising costs.
scupper Any sponsorship deal would be scuppered if Jones misses the Olympics.
offer (sb), propose | accept Staff have accepted a deal offering them a 2% share of profits.
DEAL + VERB go ahead The pay deal will not now go ahead.
fall apart, fall through The deal fell through when the author received a more attractive offer.
PREP. in a/the ~ They took over the company in a £750,000 deal.
under a/the ~ Under the deal, you save money if you repay the loan early.
~ between a deal between France and Spain
~ from You may get a better deal from another bank.
~ on I got a very good deal on my new car.
~ over The unions are ready to do a deal over pay.
~ with The company has done a deal with the catering staff.
PHRASES get/have a bad/raw/rotten/rough deal Immigrants often get a bad deal when it comes to pay.
get/have a fair/square deal The union tries to get a square deal for all its members.
part of the deal Increased holiday allowance is part of the deal.
the terms of the deal Under the terms of the deal, the band has to make two albums a year.
 ⇒ Special page at BUSINESS

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ADV. directly
PREP. in The shop deals in second-hand books.
with Our factory deals directly with its customers.
PHRASAL VERBS deal with sth
ADV. quickly, speedily | at length, fully This topic is dealt with at greater length in the following chapter.
effectively | fairly, properly You have not dealt fairly with me.
easily Not all complaints are so easily dealt with.
separately The two issues should be dealt with separately.
PHRASES a way of dealing with sth We discussed different ways of dealing with the problem.

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do a deal
The two companies have recently done a major deal.
make a deal informal
Why don't we make a deal to stay out of each other's way?
reach/strike a deal (=agree a deal after a lot of discussions)
The US and North Korea reached a deal about North Korea's nuclear development program.
sign a deal
The singer has signed a $20 million deal with an American TV network.
negotiate a deal (=agree a deal by discussing over a long period)
We have negotiated a special deal with one of the world’s leading car hire companies.
close/conclude a deal formal (=agree a deal formally)
A deal between the two companies has now been concluded.
clinch a deal (=finally agree on a deal, especially one that is good for you)
The salesman was eager to clinch the deal.
cut a deal informal (=agree a deal, especially when it is difficult or you have to accept some things you would rather not accept)
In they end, they had to cut a deal with the Communinsts.
have a deal informal (=have made or agreed on a deal)
Do we have a deal?
get a good deal (=buy something at a good price)
He thought he had got a good deal.
back out of/pull out of a deal (=decide not to make a deal after discussing one)
Twenty-five jobs were lost after their partner pulled out of the deal.
a deal goes through/ahead (=it happens as arranged)
It’s 99% certain that the deal will go through.
a deal falls through (=does not happen as arranged)
The cost was simply too high, so the deal fell through.
a good deal (=a good price, offer, or arrangement)
You can buy two for £10, which sounds like a good deal.
a business deal
He lost a fortune in an unwise business deal.
a pay deal (=one that involves an agreement about how much people will be paid)
They are currently negotiating a new pay deal.
a peace deal (=an agreement to end fighting between countries)
Hopes of a peace deal are fading.
a financial/political etc deal
After weeks of negotiation the prospect of a political deal seemed increasingly unlikely.
an arms/weapons deal (=one which involves selling weapons)
A number of recent arms deals have embarrassed the government.
a record deal (=one between a singer or band and a recording company)
It’s hard for a band to get a record deal.
a one-year/two-year etc deal (=one that will be fixed for one year, two years etc)
The five-year deal is estimated to be worth $17.2 million.
a shady deal (=dishonest or illegal)
Some senior members of the party were involved in shady deals and bribery.
part of the deal
I got free accommodation as part of the deal.
the terms of a deal (=the details or conditions in it)
The hotel group refused to release the financial terms of the deal.
a done deal informal (=something that has been completely agreed)
The takeover has been described as a done deal.
deal with a problem
Both countries are having to deal with the problem of violence in urban areas.
deal with an issue/matter/question
New laws were introduced to deal with the issue.
deal with a situation
For a while I had no idea how to deal with the situation.
deal with a crisis
The President has flown home to deal with the crisis.
deal with a complaint
Working in the Customer Service Department, you become an expert in dealing with complaints.
deal with an enquiry
Our staff will be able to deal with any enquiries.
deal with an emergency
All our ambulance drivers are trained to deal with emergencies.
deal with a challenge
I chose this job because I like having to deal with new challenges every day.
deal with something effectively
Most schools don't deal with the problem of bullying very effectively.
deal with something successfully
Most of these issues have now been successfully dealt with.
deal with something adequately
Our National Health Service does not deal adequately with the question of old age.

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BAD: We have received a great deal of complaints.
GOOD: We have received a large number of complaints.
BAD: English contains a great deal of words.
GOOD: English contains a great many words.
BAD: A great deal of countries have already signed the agreement.
GOOD: Many countries have already signed the agreement.

Usage Note:
a great/good deal of + uncountable noun: 'a great deal of money/time/pleasure'
a large number of + plural count noun: 'a large number of coins/cars/tourists'
a great/good many + plural count noun: 'This operation has already saved the lives of a great many people.'
When there is no need to emphasize the size of the number, use many or (especially in informal styles) a lot of : 'Many people have stopped smoking.'

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BAD: We have to find a new way of dealing crime.
GOOD: We have to find a new way of dealing with crime.
BAD: I don't have enough time to deal all the questions.
GOOD: I don't have enough time to deal with all the questions.

Usage Note:
deal with a problem or situation that requires action or attention: 'Customer complaints are dealt with by Mr Adams.' 'How should the government deal with the AIDS crisis?'

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See: good deal or great deal , new deal , no deal , think a great deal of , wheel and deal

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