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dear /dɪə $ dɪr/ interjection
dear adjective (comparative dearer, superlative dearest)

محبوب ، گرامی ، پرارزش ، کسی را عزیز خطاب کردن ، گران کردن ، بازرگانی: گران
- beloved, angel, darling, loved one, precious, treasure
- beloved, cherished, close, favourite, intimate, precious, prized, treasured
- expensive, at a premium, costly, high-priced, overpriced, pricey (informal)
Antonyms: cheap
Contrasted words: inexpensive, low, moderate, modest, nominal
English Thesaurus: expensive, high, dear, pricey, costly, ...

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I. dear1 S1 /dɪə $ dɪr/ interjection
Oh dear!/Dear oh dear! (also Dear me! old-fashioned) used to show that you are surprised, upset, or annoyed because something bad has happened:
Oh dear, I’ve broken the lamp.
‘I think I’m getting a cold.’ ‘Dear oh dear!’

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II. dear2 S2 noun [countable]

1. used when speaking to someone you love:
How did the interview go, dear?

2. spoken used when speaking in a friendly way to someone, especially someone who is much younger or much older than you. This use can sometimes sound rather patronizing:
Can I help you, dear?
Come along, my dear, take a seat.

3. British English spoken someone who is kind and helpful:
Be a dear and make me a coffee.

4. old dear British English a fairly rude expression meaning an old woman

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III. dear3 S2 W2 adjective (comparative dearer, superlative dearest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: deore]

1. Dear used before someone’s name or title to begin a letter:
Dear Sir or Madam, ...
Dear Mrs. Wilson, ...
Dear Meg, ...

2. British English expensive Antonym : cheap:
Cars are 59% dearer in Britain than in Europe.

3. formal a dear friend or relative is very important to you and you love them a lot:
Mark became a dear friend.
be dear to somebody
His sister was very dear to him.

4. hold something dear to think that something is very important:
Household economy was something my mother held very dear.

5. dear old ... British English spoken used to describe someone or something in a way that shows your love or liking of them Synonym : good old:
Here we are, back in dear old Manchester!

6. for dear life written if you run, fight, hold on etc for dear life, you do it as fast or as well as you can because you are afraid:
She grasped the side of the boat and hung on for dear life.

7. the dear departed British English literary a person you love who has died

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IV. dear4 adverb
cost somebody dear written to cause a lot of trouble and suffering for someone:
Carolyn’s marriage to Pete cost her dear.

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See: for dear life

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