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FORMAL vocabulary

debauched /dɪˈbɔːtʃt $ -ˈbɒːtʃt, -ˈbɑːtʃt/ adjective

debauch: هرزگی ، هرزه کردن ، فاسد کردن ، الواطی کردن ، عیاشی
Synonyms: debased, corrupted, depraved, perverted, vitiate, vitiated
Contrasted words: delivered, reclaimed, redeemed, rescued, saved, chaste, decent, pure, moral, virtuous, continent, temperate
Related Words: lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libertine, libidinous, licentious, wanton

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debauched /dɪˈbɔːtʃt $ -ˈbɒːtʃt, -ˈbɑːtʃt/ adjective formal
someone who is debauched behaves in a bad or immoral way, for example by drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, or having sex with many people

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