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FORMAL vocabulary

decamp /dɪˈkæmp/ verb [intransitive]

خیمه بر بستن ، رخت بر بستن ، کوچ کردن ، هزیمت کردن
Synonyms: get out, begone, clear out, hightail, kite, scram, skedaddle, skiddoo, take off, vamoose, escape, abscond, break, bunk, flee, fly, scape
Contrasted words: arrive, come
Related Words: exit, go, leave, quit, retire, withdraw, avoid, elude, evade, shun

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decamp /dɪˈkæmp/ verb [intransitive] formal
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: décamper, from camper 'to camp']
to leave a place quickly
decamp to/from
The wealthier inhabitants decamped to the suburbs.

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