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deceptive /dɪˈseptɪv/ adjective

فریبنده ، فریبا ، گول زننده ، فریب امیز ، قانون ـ فقه: فریب امیز
Synonyms: misleading, ambiguous, deceitful, dishonest, false, fraudulent, illusory, unreliable
Contrasted words: authentic, bona fide, genuine, veritable, actual, real, true, dependable, reliable, trustworthy
Related Words: colorable, plausible, specious, apparent, illusory, ostensible, seeming

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deceptive /dɪˈseptɪv/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: deceit, deceiver, deception; adjective: deceitful, deceptive; verb: deceive; adverb: deceptively]

1. something that is deceptive seems to be one thing but is in fact very different:
Some snakes move with deceptive speed (=move faster than you think or expect).
Gwen’s students may look angelic, but appearances can be deceptive.

2. intended to make someone believe something that is not true:
misleading and deceptive adverts
deceptive practices
—deceptively adverb

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ADV. highly, very | dangerously
PHRASES can be deceptive Appearances can be deceptive?dangerously deceptive.

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