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declare /dɪˈkleə $ -ˈkler/ verb

اظهار داشتن ، اظهار کردن ، گفتن ، اعلان کردن ، شناساندن ، ورزش: پذیرفتن شکست قبل از پایان مسابقه کشتی گیر دفاعی
کامپیوتر: تعریف کردن

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- state, affirm, announce, assert, claim, maintain, proclaim, profess, pronounce, swear, utter
- make known, confess, disclose, reveal, show
Contrasted words: hold, hold back, keep back, reserve, withhold, recall, recant, retract, revoke, controvert, deny, repress, suppress, conceal, hide
Related Idioms: declare oneself, make public (or known), have one's say, speak one's piece
Related Words: acquaint, advise, apprise, inform, notify, communicate, impart, pronounce, disclose, discover, divulge, reveal, report, air, broach, express, utter, vent, ventilate, voice, acknowledge, admit, own
English Thesaurus: comment, remark, point, observation, aside, ...

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declare W2 /dɪˈkleə $ -ˈkler/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: declarare, from clarare 'to make clear']

1. STATE OFFICIALLY [transitive] to state officially and publicly that a particular situation exists or that something is true:
A state of emergency has been declared.
declare that
The court declared that Brown’s case should be reviewed.
declare somebody/something (to be) somebody/something
Several countries wanted Antarctica to be declared a ‘world park’.
The city was declared to be in a state of siege.
I declare you man and wife.
declare something illegal/invalid etc
The war was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice.
Mr Steel has been declared bankrupt (=it has been officially stated that he cannot pay his debts).
We celebrate September 16, the day when Mexico declared independence from Spain (=officially stated that it was no longer ruled by Spain).

2. STATE WHAT YOU THINK [transitive] to say publicly what you think or feel:
‘It’s not fair,’ Jane declared.
He declared his intention to stand for president.
declare that
Carol held a press conference and declared that she was innocent.
declare yourself (to be) something
Edward declared himself angry and frustrated.

3. declare war (on somebody/something)
a) to state officially that you are at war with another country
b) informal to say that something is wrong and that you will do everything you can to stop it:
Angry residents have declared war on the owners of the factory.

4. MONEY/PROPERTY ETC [transitive]
a) to state on an official government form how much money you have earned, what property you own etc:
All tips are counted as part of your earnings and must be declared.
b) to tell a CUSTOMS official that you are carrying goods on which you should pay tax when you enter a country

5. declare an interest to tell people that you are connected with something that is being discussed:
I should, at this point, declare an interest: I own shares in the company.

6. CRICKET [intransitive] to choose to end your team’s turn before all your players have BATTED
declare against somebody/something phrasal verb
to state publicly that you oppose someone or something
declare for somebody/something phrasal verb
to state publicly that you support someone or something

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ADV. virtually He has virtually declared war on the right-wingers in his party.
immediately, promptly Martial law was immediately declared.
formally, officially | openly, publicly | grandly, proudly She proudly declared that she had once been introduced to the Queen.
loudly | boldly, confidently, firmly, roundly, stoutly | brightly ‘I'm as fresh as a daisy,’ he declared brightly.
solemnly | unanimously | unilaterally The communists had unilaterally declared a ceasefire.
hereby (law or formal) We, the people of Indonesia, hereby declare Indonesia's independence.
PREP. to He declared his true feelings to her.

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See: i declare

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