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defence , defense /dɪˈfens/ noun

بک ، پدافند ، دفاع کردن ، استحکامات ، قانون ـ فقه: دفاع ، defense ، روانشناسی: دفاع ، ورزش: دفاع ، علوم دریایی: دفاع

: defence (defense)

دفاع ، بهانه ، عذر ، استحکامات سنگربندی ، علوم نظامی: وزارت دفاع
- protection, cover, guard, immunity, resistance, safeguard, security, shelter
- shield, barricade, bulwark, buttress, fortification, rampart
- argument, excuse, explanation, justification, plea, vindication
- plea, alibi, denial, rebuttal, testimony
English Thesaurus: defendant, the defence, the prosecution, judge, jury, ...

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defence S2 W1 British English, defense American English /dɪˈfens/ noun
[Word Family: noun: DEFENCE/DEFENSE, defendant, defender, defensiveness; adjective: DEFENCELESS/DEFENSELESS, defensibleindefensible, defensive; adverb: defensiblyindefensibly, defensively; verb: defend]

a) [uncountable] the act of protecting something or someone from attack
defence of
In Britain, the defence of the country has historically been left to the navy.
a firm commitment to the defense of human rights
The first line of defence is a smoke detector.
b) [countable] something that can be used to protect something or someone from attack:
The area’s flood defences need repair.
defence against
The immune system is the body’s defence against infection.self-defence

a) [uncountable] all the systems, people, materials etc that a country uses to protect itself from attack:
calls for a national debate on defence
the Defense Department
b) defences British English, defenses American English [plural] all the armies, weapons, structures etc that are available to defend a place:
The invading army easily overcame the town’s defences.

3. AGAINST CRITICISM [uncountable and countable] something that you say or do in order to support someone or something that is being criticized
in sb’s/sth’s defence
Jean wrote a letter to the paper in Angela’s defense.
defence of
a philosophical defence of nationalism
come/leap to sb’s defence
Evelyn Waugh came to Wilson’s defence and acknowledged the brilliance of the book’s themes.

a) [countable] the things that are said in a court of law to prove that someone is not guilty of a crime:
Major has a good defence and believes he will win the case.
a defence lawyer
b) the defence all the lawyers who try to prove in a court of law that someone is not guilty of a crime:
The defense called only one witness.prosecution(2)

5. EMOTIONS [countable] something you do or a way of behaving that prevents you from seeming weak or being hurt by others:
Liz dropped her defences and began to relax.

6. SPORT [countable] British English the players in a game whose main job is to try to prevent the other team from getting points Antonym : offense

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I. action to protect sb/sth from attack
ADJ. adequate, effective | natural the body's natural defence against viruses
national | air | civil | nuclear
VERB + DEFENCE organize, plan to plan the defence of harbour
come to, leap to, rush to, spring to He always sprang to Rose's defence when Ed tried to criticize her.
PREP. in ~ of to fight in defence of your country
~ against defence against attacks from the north
PHRASES weapons of defence

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II. sth that protects sb/sth from sth
ADJ. effective | coastal, sea
VERB + DEFENCE put up They put up an effective defence against the guerrilla forces.
overcome, overwhelm With her tears and angry accusations she completely overwhelmed his defences.
build (up) They are building up defences along the river.
breach The sea breached the coastal defences in a number of spots.
DEFENCE + NOUN mechanism
PREP. ~ against

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III. forces, etc. for protecting a country
DEFENCE + NOUN force/forces, system | minister, ministry | policy, strategy | industry | budget, cuts, expenditure, spending

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IV. legal argument
ADJ. good | robust, spirited, strong | adequate | legal
VERB + DEFENCE conduct, make, mount, put up, raise | destroy
DEFENCE + NOUN counsel, lawyer
PREP. in sb's ~ She spoke in his defence.
~ of, ~ to a defence to murder
PHRASES counsel for the defence

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V. in sport
ADJ. good, strong, stubborn
VERB + DEFENCE put up | destroy | strengthen
PREP. in ~ to play in defence

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a defence force (=group of soldiers, pilots etc trained to defend a country)
The country's defence forces are on standby in case of an attack.
a defence system (=a system of people, organizations etc to defend a country)
Is the national defence system adequate?
a defence policy
Ministers in Brussels have been discussing a possible European defence policy.
defence spending/expenditure
There were plans to cut defence spending by one billion pounds.
the defence budget (=amount of money a government makes available for defence)
They have called for the defence budget to be increased.
the Defence Department (=part of the government dealing with defence)
This is secret information, known only to the Defence Department.
the Defence Secretary (=person in a government in charge of defence)
The Defence Secretary is under pressure to resign.

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