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defer /dɪˈfɜː $ -ˈfɜːr/ verb (past tense and past participle deferred, present participle deferring) [transitive]

عقب انداختن ، بتعویق انداختن ، تاخیرکردن ، تسلیم شدن ، احترام گذاردن
Synonyms: postpone, delay, hold over, procrastinate, put off, put on ice, shelve, suspend
Synonyms: comply, accede, bow, capitulate, give in, give way to, submit, yield
Antonyms: advance, withstand
Contrasted words: accelerate, hasten, hurry, speed, expedite, further, promote, combat, fight, oppose, resist, object, remonstrate, balk, demur, stickle, strain
Related Idioms: hold up on, lay to one side, put on ice, set aside
Related Words: detain, retard, slow, block, hinder, impede, obstruct, stall, extend, lengthen, prolong, protract, accede, acquiesce, agree, assent, accommodate, adapt, adjust, conform, cringe, fawn, truckle
English Thesaurus: delay, postpone, put off, hold off, defer, ...

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defer /dɪˈfɜː $ -ˈfɜːr/ verb (past tense and past participle deferred, present participle deferring) [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: différer, from Latin differre 'to delay, be different'. defer to 1400-1500 French déférer, from Late Latin deferre 'to bring down']
to delay something until a later date Synonym : put back
defer something until/to something
Further discussion on the proposal will be deferred until April.
The committee deferred their decision.
—deferment noun [uncountable and countable]
—deferral noun [uncountable and countable]

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ADV. further | indefinitely The decision has been deferred indefinitely.
VERB + DEFER agree to, decide to
PREP. for Sentence was deferred for six months.
pending Diagnosis was deferred pending further assessment.
till/until We agreed to defer discussion of these issues until the next meeting.

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