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deft /deft/ adjective

ماهر ، زبردست ، کاردان ، چالاک ، استادانه
Synonyms: skilful, adept, adroit, agile, dexterous, expert, neat, nimble, proficient
Antonyms: awkward, unhandy
Contrasted words: heavy-handed, unskillful, blundering, bungling, butterfingered, rigid, stiff, wooden
Related Words: agile, brisk, fleet, apt, prompt, quick, ready, adept, crack, crackerjack, ingenious, neat

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deft /deft/ adjective written
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: daft]

1. a deft movement is skilful, and often quick:
He sketched her with quick, deft strokes.
deft footwork

2. skilful at doing something Synonym : adept:
his deft chairmanship of the company
—deftly adverb
—deftness noun [uncountable]

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