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delighted /dɪˈlaɪtəd, dɪˈlaɪtɪd/ adjective

Synonyms: pleased, ecstatic, elated, enchanted, happy, joyous, jubilant, overjoyed, thrilled
English Thesaurus: happy, cheerful, be in a good mood, contented, pleased/glad, ...

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delighted /dɪˈlaɪtəd, dɪˈlaɪtɪd/ adjective
very pleased and happy
delighted to do something
Sandy will be delighted to see you.
delighted (that)
I’m delighted that we have settled the matter.
delighted with/by/at
She was delighted with her new home.
I am delighted by the result.
Her screams of delighted laughter filled the air.
Do not say ‘very delighted’. Say absolutely delighted.
—delightedly adverb

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem
ADV. greatly, highly, only too, really Mrs Cartwright said she would be only too delighted to present the prizes.
absolutely, quite | clearly, obviously, plainly | secretly ‘Poor Gloria, ’ she said, although she was secretly delighted.
PREP. at They were highly delighted at the court's decision.
by I'm delighted by your news.
with He's really delighted with his new CD player.

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BAD: When they knew that they had won, they were very delighted.
GOOD: When they knew that they had won, they were absolutely delighted.

Usage Note:
See note at VERY 4 (very)

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