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dense /dens/ adjective

چگال (فز) ، چگال ، غلیظ ، متراکم ، انبوه ، احمق ، خنگ ، عمران: تراکم ، معماری: چگال ، زیست شناسی: انبوه
- thick, close-knit, compact, condensed, heavy, impenetrable, opaque, solid
- stupid, dozy (Brit. informal), dull, obtuse, slow-witted, stolid, thick
Antonyms: sparse, tenuous, subtle, bright
Contrasted words: dispersed, dissipated, scattered, rare, thin, exiguous, meager, scant, scanty, spare
Related Words: heaped, massed, piled, crammed, crowded, jam-packed, obtuse, impassive, phlegmatic, stolid, lethargic, sluggish, torpid

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dense /dens/ adjective
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: densus]

1. made of or containing a lot of things or people that are very close together Synonym : thick
dense undergrowth/forest/woodland/jungle etc
A narrow track wound steeply up through dense forest.
a dense rurally-based population

2. difficult to see through or breathe in
dense fog/smoke/cloud
dense black smoke

3. informal not able to understand things easily Synonym : stupid:
Am I being dense? I don’t quite understand.

4. a dense piece of writing is difficult to understand because it contains a lot of information or uses complicated language

5. technical a substance that is dense has a lot of mass in relation to its size:
Water is eight hundred times denser than air.
—densely adverb:
a densely populated area
—denseness noun [uncountable]

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dense forest/wood/woodland/jungle
Their helicopter could not land because of the dense jungle.
dense undergrowth (=plants, bushes etc growing around and under trees)
The bird is found mainly in woodland where there is dense undergrowth.
dense vegetation (=plants in general)
The land around here is covered with dense vegetation.
dense foliage (=leaves of a plant or tree)
a thick bushy plant with dense foliage
a dense covering of something
steep-sided mountains with a dense covering of trees
a dense mass
a dense mass of equatorial rainforest
a dense network of something
The country is served by a dense network of roads.
a dense population (=a lot of people living close together)
Britain has a particular problem because of dense population.

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