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depend on/upon somebody/something phrasal verb (see also depend)

1. if something depends on something else, it is directly affected or decided by that thing:
The length of time spent exercising depends on the sport you are training for.
depend on how/what/whether etc
Choosing the right bike depends on what you want to use it for.
depending on something
The expenses you claim can vary enormously, depending on travel distances involved.
Do not say that one thing ‘is depend on’ another. Say that one thing depends on or is dependent on another.

2. to need the support, help, or existence of someone or something in order to exist, be healthy, be successful etc Synonym : rely on:
The country depends heavily on its tourist trade.
We depend entirely on donations from the public.
depend on somebody/something for something
Many women have to depend on their husbands for their state pension.
depend on somebody/something to do something
I’m depending on you to tell me everything.
depend on somebody/something doing something
We’re depending on him finishing the job by Friday.

3. to trust or have confidence in someone or something:
You can depend on Jane – she always keeps her promises.

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