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deride /dɪˈraɪd/ verb [transitive]

تمسخر کردن ، بکسی خندیدن ، استهزاء کردن
Synonyms: mock, disdain, disparage, insult, jeer, ridicule, scoff, scorn, sneer, taunt
Related Words: banter, chaff, jolly, kid, rag, rib
English Thesaurus: mock, make fun of somebody/something, laugh at somebody/something, poke fun at somebody/something, ridicule, ...

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deride /dɪˈraɪd/ verb [transitive] formal
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: deridere, from ridere 'to laugh']
to make remarks or jokes that show you think someone or something is silly or useless Synonym : mockderisive:
You shouldn’t deride their efforts.
deride somebody as something
The party was derided as totally lacking in ideas.

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