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deserve /dɪˈzɜːv $ -ɜːrv/ verb [transitive]

سزیدن ، سزاوار بودن ، شایستگی داشتن ، لایق بودن ، استحقاق داشتن ، علوم نظامی: سزاوار بودن
Synonyms: merit, be entitled to, be worthy of, earn, justify, rate, warrant
Related Idioms: have it coming
Related Words: gain, get, win, demand

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deserve S3 W3 /dɪˈzɜːv $ -ɜːrv/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin deservire 'to serve very keenly', from servire 'to serve']

1. to have earned something by good or bad actions or behaviour:
What have I done to deserve this?
deserve to do something
We didn’t deserve to win.
richly/fully/thoroughly etc deserve something
the success he so richly deserves
I’m sorry for the kids. They deserve better (=deserve to be treated in a better way).
deserve a rest/break/holiday etc
I think we deserve a rest after all that hard work.
Ledley deserves a place in the team.
Paula deserves a special mention for all the help she has given us.
I would never hit anyone, even if they deserved it.
What has he done to deserve this punishment?
deserve all/everything you get (=deserve any bad things that happen to you)
He deserves all he gets for being so dishonest.
People who are sent to prison for drunk-driving get what they deserve.

2. deserve consideration/attention etc if a suggestion, idea, or plan deserves consideration, attention etc, it is good enough to be considered, paid attention to etc Synonym : merit:
This proposal deserves serious consideration.

3. somebody deserves a medal spoken used to say that you admire the way someone dealt with a situation or problem
somebody deserves a medal for
You deserve a medal for putting up with Ian’s constant demands.

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ADV. certainly, really, surely You really deserve a medal!
justly, richly, rightly, truly He finally received the recognition that he so richly deserved.
fully, thoroughly This hotel fully deserves its four-star grading.
hardly, scarcely It's true she made a mistake but she hardly deserves to lose her job.
PREP. for She deserves some reward for all her hard work.
PHRASES deserve better His work received only a tiny mention in the journal; he deserves better.
well deserved At last she managed to have a well-deserved rest.

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deserve a rest/break/holiday etc
Once the students have done their exams they deserve a break.
deserve a chance
Everybody deserves a second chance.
deserve respect
Our police officers deserve our respect.
deserve credit/praise
The team played really well and they deserve credit for it.
deserve support
This is a splendid proposal which deserves our support.
deserve recognition (=public respect and thanks)
The teaching profession deserves more recognition.
deserve better (also deserve a better deal) (=deserve to be treated better or to be in a better situation)
They treated him badly at work and I thought he deserved better.
deserve a (special) mention (=used especially in speeches to mention someone's good work or actions)
Richard deserves a special mention for all his hard work on this project.
deserve a place
You need top grades to deserve a place at the best universities.
deserve punishment
If you commit a crime, you have deserved punishment.
thoroughly/fully deserve something
He didn't work so he thoroughly deserved his poor marks.
richly deserve something (=greatly deserve something good that happens)
Her success was richly deserved.
well deserved
The restaurant has a well deserved reputation for excellent fish.
get what you deserve (=experience something bad after you have behaved badly)
I like films where the bad guys get what they deserve.
deserve all/everything you get (=deserve any bad things that happen to you)
She's behaved really stupidly and she deserves all she gets.

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