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designate /ˈdezɪɡneɪt/ verb [transitive usually passive]
designate /ˈdezɪɡnət, ˈdezɪɡnɪt,-neɪt/ adjective [only after noun]

انتخاب کردن ، نامزد کردن ، گماشتن ، معین کردن ، تخصیص دادن ، برگزیدن ، علوم نظامی: تعیین کردن تخصیص دادن
- name, call, dub, entitle, label, style, term
- appoint, assign, choose, delegate, depute, nominate, select
Contrasted words: disapprove, disfavor, object (to), oppose, disallow, reject, turn down
Related Words: choose, elect, opt, pick, select, single, assign, delegate, depute, dictate, specify, appropriate, reserve, stipulate, allot, apportion, mete (out)

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I. designate1 /ˈdezɪɡneɪt/ verb [transitive usually passive]

1. to choose someone or something for a particular job or purpose
be designated something
The lake was recently designated a conservation area.
designate something as/for something
Funds were designated for projects in low-income areas.
designate somebody to do something
She has been designated to take over the position of treasurer.

2. to represent or refer to something using a particular sign, name etc:
Buildings are designated by red squares on the map.

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II. designate2 /ˈdezɪɡnət, ˈdezɪɡnɪt,-neɪt/ adjective [only after noun]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Latin; Origin: designatus, past participle of designare; design2]
formal used after the name of an official job to show that someone has been chosen for that job but has not yet officially started work:
the director designate

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ADV. formally, officially The area has now been formally designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
specially | clearly
PREP. for These areas have been specially designated for children.

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