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detailed /ˈdiːteɪld $ dɪˈteɪld/ adjective

(adj.) پر جزئیات ، بتفصیل
Synonyms: comprehensive, blow-by-blow, exhaustive, full, intricate, minute, particular, thorough
Related Words: abundant, copious, exhausting, exhaustive, thoroughgoing

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detailed W2 /ˈdiːteɪld $ dɪˈteɪld/ adjective

1. containing or including a lot of information or details
detailed description/account/analysis etc
a detailed study of crime in Seattle
More detailed information is available on request.

2. having a lot of decorations or small features that are difficult to produce Synonym : intricate:
a beautifully detailed carving

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VERBS be, seem
ADV. extraordinarily, extremely, highly, immensely, very a very detailed account of the events
fully | increasingly | fairly, quite | meticulously, minutely | exquisitely, finely, richly the exquisitely detailed carvings on the cathedral door
unusually | unnecessarily

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