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diary /ˈdaɪəri $ ˈdaɪri/ noun (plural diaries) [countable]

دفتر یادداشت روزانه ، دفتر خاطرات روزانه ، علوم نظامی: دفتر روزانه یکان دفتر وقایع روزانه
Synonyms: journal, appointment book, chronicle, daily record, engagement book, Filofax (Trademark)
English Thesaurus: diary, journal, memoirs, blog, log/log book, ...

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diary S3 /ˈdaɪəri $ ˈdaɪri/ noun (plural diaries) [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: diarium, from dies 'day']

1. a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day Synonym : journal:
Inge kept a diary (=wrote in a diary) during the war years.
diary entry (=what you have written for a particular day)

2. especially British English a book with separate spaces for each day of the year, in which you write down the meetings, events etc that are planned for each day Synonym : calendar American English:
Did you put the meeting date in your diary?

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I. for appointments
ADJ. appointments, bookings, engagement, social | desk, pocket | electronic
VERB + DIARY have sth in I haven't got the meeting in my diary.
put sth in, write sth in Put it in your diary before you forget.
PREP. in a/your ~

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II. for writing down what happens each day
ADJ. detailed | daily | personal, private, secret | field, gardening, travel He jotted down observations on the animals' habits in his field diary.
VERB + DIARY keep I starting keeping a diary when I was thirteen.
write sth in, note sth in, record sth in ‘It's all over,’ he wrote in his diary for April 21.
DIARY + NOUN entry
PREP. in a/your ~ I've made a note in my diary.
PHRASES an entry in a diary

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keep/write a diary (=write regularly in a diary)
While I was travelling, I kept a diary every day.
write (something) in your diary
‘Severe weather’, he wrote in his diary that day.
record something in your diary
James Alvin recorded the incident in his diary.
read a diary
I wish you’d let me read your diary.
a detailed diary
For years she had kept a detailed diary.
a personal/private diary
She later agreed to the publication of parts of her personal diary.
a secret diary (=that no one else knows about or reads)
He found his sister’s secret diary.
a daily/weekly diary
Clarke kept a daily diary of San Franciscan life.
a travel diary (=that you write while you are travelling)
His travel diary makes fascinating reading.
a diary entry/entry in a diary (=piece of writing in a diary)
His last diary entry was on June 14th.

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