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dice /daɪs/ noun (plural dice)
dice verb

تاس ، طاس تخته نرد ، بریدن به قطعات کوچک ، نرد بازی کردن ، ورزش: رقابت فشرده
[noun plural]
Synonyms: African dominoes, bones, cubes, devil's-bones, ivory, tats
Synonyms: discard, cashier, cast, jettison, reject, scrap, shed, slough, throw away, throw out
English Thesaurus: beat, defeat, trounce, thrash, wipe the floor with somebody, ...

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I. dice1 /daɪs/ noun (plural dice)
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Plural of die1]

1. [countable] (also die) a small block of wood, plastic etc that has six sides with a different number of spots on each side, used in games
throw/roll the dice
It’s your turn to roll the dice.

2. [uncountable] any game of chance that is played with dice

3. the dice are loaded the situation is arranged so that a particular person will win or gain an advantage

4. no dice especially American English old-fashioned spoken used to refuse to do something or to say that something is not possible:
‘Can I borrow some cash?’ ‘Sorry, no dice.’

5. a throw of the dice something you do that you hope will have an effect on a situation, but is not certain to do so:
a last desperate throw of the dice to try and win his wife back

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II. dice2 verb

1. (also dice something ↔ up) [transitive] to cut food into small square pieces:
diced carrots

2. dice with death to put yourself in a very dangerous situation

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ADJ. loaded
VERB + DICE roll, throw You decide who's going to start by throwing the dice.
PREP. on a/the ~ You move forward according to the number on the dice.
PHRASES a roll/throw of the dice The roll of the dice went against them.

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See: no deal or no dice

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