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difficulty /ˈdɪfɪkəlti/ noun (plural difficulties)

سختی ، دشواری ، اشکال ، زحمت ، گرفتگیری ، روانشناسی: دشواری
- laboriousness, arduousness, awkwardness, hardship, strain, strenuousness, tribulation
- predicament, dilemma, embarrassment, hot water (informal), jam (informal), mess, plight, quandary, trouble
- problem, complication, hindrance, hurdle, impediment, obstacle, pitfall, snag, stumbling block
Related Idioms: hard nut to crack, hard row to hoe, heavy sledding
Related Words: impediment, obstacle, obstruction, snag, dilemma, fix, jam, pickle, plight, predicament, quandary, scrape, emergency, exigency, pass, pinch, strait, bother, inconvenience, problem, trouble

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difficulty S2 W1 /ˈdɪfɪkəlti/ noun (plural difficulties)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: difficultas, from difficilis 'difficult', from facilis 'easy']

1. [uncountable] if you have difficulty doing something, it is difficult for you to do
have/experience difficulty (in) doing something
They had great difficulty in finding a replacement.
with/without difficulty
He got to his feet with difficulty.
Do not say that someone ‘has difficulty to do something’. Say that someone has difficulty doing something or has difficulty in doing something.

2. [countable usually plural] a problem or something that causes trouble
difficulty with
There are several difficulties with this theory.
If you have any difficulties, give me a call.
The project soon ran into difficulties.
Difficulties can arise when there is more than one defendant.

3. [uncountable] if you are in difficulty, you are in a situation in which you have problems
in difficulty
The business is in financial difficulty.
get/run into difficulty (=get into a difficult situation)
She soon got into difficulty with debt.

4. [uncountable] the quality of being difficult to do
the difficulty of (doing) something
the difficulty of solving such problems

5. [uncountable] how difficult something is:
The tests vary in difficulty.
learning difficulties

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ADJ. considerable, enormous, grave, great, major, real, serious, severe We had enormous difficulty in getting hold of the right equipment.
insurmountable | increasing questions of increasing difficulty
inherent the difficulties inherent in treating overdose patients
particular, special English spelling presents special difficulties for foreign learners.
economic, financial | practical, technical I think we've managed to overcome most of the practical difficulties.
behavioural, emotional, learning children with learning difficulties
QUANT. level The games have various different levels of difficulty.
VERB + DIFFICULTY encounter, experience, face, get into, have, run into Among the difficulties encountered was a lack of cooperation on the part of the authorities. Anyone experiencing difficulty with radio reception should call us on the new helpline. Let me know if you have any difficulties. I had little difficulty in persuading the others to come. The scheme has run into serious difficulties.
cause, create, make, present Will it cause any difficulties if I go early? She is always making difficulties for herself.
cope with, deal with, overcome, resolve, solve, surmount | avoid how to avoid technical difficulties
be fraught with The situation was fraught with difficulty.
DIFFICULTY + VERB arise, crop up Difficulties arise when people fail to consult their colleagues.
lie (in sth) The difficulty lies in identifying the precise nature of the problem.
PREP. despite a/the ~ Despite all the difficulties, he still remains optimistic.
in ~ We could see that the swimmer was in difficulties.
with/without ~ We crossed the border without any difficulty. Life in the city was not without its difficulties.
~ in She had difficulty in starting her car.
~ of the difficulty of finding affordable accommodation
~ with having difficulty with the engine

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have difficulties
By the age of eight, Robbie was having difficulties at school.
run into/get into difficulties (=find yourself in a difficult situation)
Three people were rescued from a boat that had got into difficulties.
experience/encounter difficulties formal (=have difficulties)
Graduates often experience considerable difficulties in getting their first job.
face difficulties
The hotel’s owners were facing financial difficulties.
overcome/resolve difficulties (=deal with them successfully)
We are confident that we can overcome these difficulties.
present/pose difficulties formal (=be something that is difficult to deal with)
English spelling may present some difficulties for learners.
be fraught with difficulties (=involve a lot of them)
The whole plan was fraught with difficulties.
cause/lead to difficulties
Stress and worry both cause sleep difficulties.
give rise to difficulties formal (=cause them)
The stormy weather gave rise to difficulties for many of the competitors in the yacht race.
difficulties arise (=happen)
It’s best to discuss any difficulties that arise rather than trying to deal with them alone.
major/serious/severe difficulties
By then, we were having serious financial difficulties.
considerable difficulties (=a lot of problems)
They had considerable difficulties in getting funding for their research.
technical difficulties
The flight was delayed due to technical difficulties.
practical difficulties (=problems with doing something)
It’s a great idea, but there will be a number of practical difficulties.
financial/economic difficulties
The company is facing serious financial difficulties.
breathing difficulties
She was taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.
marital difficulties (=in a marriage)
You may need help in dealing with your marital difficulties.

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BAD: She had a difficulty in obtaining a visa.
GOOD: She had difficulty (in) obtaining a visa.

Usage Note:
have difficulty/difficulties (in) doing sth (NOT a difficulty ): 'Sometimes he has difficulty in making himself understood.'

BAD: I have great difficulty to understand him.
GOOD: I have great difficulty (in) understanding him.

Usage Note:
have difficulty/difficulties (in) doing sth (NOT to do ): 'You should have no difficulty in passing the exam.'

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