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diplomatic /ˌdɪpləˈmætɪk◂/ adjective

وابسته به ماموران سیاسی خارجه ، دیپلماتیک ، قانون ـ فقه: دیپلماتیک
Synonyms: tactful, adept, discreet, polite, politic, prudent, sensitive, subtle
Antonyms: undiplomatic
Related Words: bland, smooth, courteous, polite, astute, shrewd, artful, crafty, guileful, wily

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diplomatic /ˌdɪpləˈmætɪk◂/ adjective
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: French; Origin: diplomatique, from Latin diploma; diploma]

1. relating to or involving the work of diplomats:
Diplomatic efforts to end the fighting began on October 25.

2. diplomatic relations/ties the arrangement between two countries that each should keep representatives at an embassy in the other’s country
establish/break off diplomatic relations
The two countries established diplomatic relations last year.

3. dealing with people politely and skilfully without upsetting them Synonym : tactful:
They were always very diplomatic with awkward clients.
a diplomatic answer
—diplomatically /-kli/ adverb:
Maria handled the situation very diplomatically.

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diplomatic activity
The attacks led to intensive international diplomatic activity.
a diplomatic mission
He was sent to France three times on diplomatic missions.
diplomatic sources (=people supplying diplomats with information)
According to diplomatic sources, up to 300 people were killed in the violence.
diplomatic efforts
Diplomatic efforts to end the fighting began on October 15th.
diplomatic pressure
Riots followed and there was diplomatic pressure on the government to assert its authority.
a diplomatic initiative (=plan or process)
Havana launched a diplomatic initiative to establish its own ties with Latin American governments.
diplomatic channels (=diplomatic methods used for achieving something)
The President said that he hoped the situation could be resolved by diplomatic channels.
diplomatic recognition (=acceptance that a government or organization has official authority)
Beijing's diplomatic recognition of South Korea

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