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disapproval /ˌdɪsəˈpruːvəl/ noun [uncountable]

عدم رضایت ، عدم تصویب
Synonyms: displeasure, censure, condemnation, criticism, denunciation, dissatisfaction, objection, reproach

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disapproval /ˌdɪsəˈpruːvəl/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: adjective: approvingdisapproving, approved; verb: approvedisapprove; noun: approvaldisapproval; adverb: approvinglydisapprovingly]
an attitude that shows you think that someone or their behaviour, ideas etc are bad or not suitable Antonym : approval
disapproval of
strong disapproval of the country’s human rights record
with/in disapproval
Baxter eyed our clothes with obvious disapproval.
Clarissa shook her head in disapproval.

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ADJ. strong Several countries have expressed their strong disapproval of the law.
faint, mild | widespread | official | public The decision met with widespread public disapproval.
moral, social
QUANT. note There was more than a note of disapproval in her voice.
VERB + DISAPPROVAL express, mark, register, show To mark his disapproval he refused to go to the wedding. Her face registered her disapproval. The students are showing their disapproval by refusing to attend lectures.
feel, sense Even at this distance she could sense his disapproval.
PREP. in ~ Her lip curled in disapproval.
with ~ Harold noted the boy's earring with disapproval.
~ at She was stiff with disapproval at the notion.
~ of his disapproval of Wallace's conduct
PHRASES a chorus/roar of disapproval There was a chorus of disapproval from the crowd.
an expression/a frown/a look of disapproval Seeing the look of disapproval on the doctor's face, I put out my cigarette.
a murmur/sniff of disapproval Dr Ali gave a great sniff of disapproval.

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