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disciplinarian /ˌdɪsəpləˈneəriən, ˌdɪsɪpləˈneəriən $ -ˈner-/ noun [countable]

اهل انضباط ، نظم دهنده ، انضباطی
Synonyms: authoritarian, despot, martinet, stickler, taskmaster, tyrant

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disciplinarian /ˌdɪsəpləˈneəriən, ˌdɪsɪpləˈneəriən $ -ˈner-/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: disciplinarian, discipline; adjective: disciplinary, disciplinedUNDISCIPLINED; verb: discipline]
someone who believes people should obey orders and rules, and who makes them do this:
Dad was a strict disciplinarian.

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