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discovery /dɪsˈkʌvəri/ noun (plural discoveries)

کشف ، اکتشاف ، پی بری ، یابش ، روانشناسی: اکتشاف ، بازرگانی: اکتشاف
کامپیوتر: کمپانی ساخت دیسک

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- finding, detection, disclosure, exploration, location, revelation, uncovering
- breakthrough, find, innovation, invention, secret
Related Words: disclosure, exposition, exposure, revelation, uncovering

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Discovery, the
the ship in which Captain Scott went to the Antarctic in 1901–04

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discovery W3 /dɪsˈkʌvəri/ noun (plural discoveries)
[Word Family: noun: discoverer, discovery; verb: discover]

1. [countable] a fact or thing that someone finds out about, when it was not known about before
discovery about
The Hubble Telescope allowed astronomers to make significant discoveries about our galaxy.
discovery that
the discovery that bees can communicate with each other

2. [uncountable] when someone discovers something
discovery of
the discovery of oil in Alaska

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ADJ. amazing, big, exciting, great, important, major, remarkable, significant, startling, surprising, unexpected potentially the biggest archaeological discovery in Norway for fifty years
awful, chilling, grim, terrible the awful discovery that he had been deceiving her
latest, new, recent | accidental, chance All these were chance discoveries made by scientists engaged in other investigations.
archaeological, medical, scientific | personal The story tells of a man's journey of personal discovery up an African river.
VERB + DISCOVERY make New scientific discoveries are being made all the time.
lead to Their work led to some important medical discoveries.
await There may be many unexpected treasures awaiting discovery.
PREP. ~ by a discovery by a French scientist
~ of the discovery of oil in the North Sea
PHRASES a process of discovery, a journey/voyage of discovery (figurative) To tour Sri Lanka is to take a voyage of discovery through a land of endless variety.

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make a discovery
By making new discoveries we expand our understanding of the natural world.
lead to a discovery
It was pure chance that led to the discovery.
a new discovery
New discoveries are being made all the time.
a recent discovery
the recent discovery of frozen water on the moon
a great/major/important discovery
The archaeologists had made an important discovery.
a scientific/medical etc discovery
The book covers the major scientific discoveries of the last century.
an exciting discovery
The existence of the new solar system was a very exciting discovery.
a surprising/unexpected discovery
Their work led to some surprising discoveries.
a startling discovery (=very surprising)
When they examined the virus, they made a startling discovery.
an accidental/chance discovery (=happening by chance)
Some of the tombs were the result of chance discoveries.
a grim discovery (=an unpleasant and sad discovery such as finding a dead body)
Police made the grim discovery while they were searching the house.

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