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discuss /dɪˈskʌs/ verb [transitive]

بحث کردن ، مطرح کردن ، گفتگو کردن
Synonyms: talk about, argue, confer, consider, converse, debate, deliberate, examine
Related Idioms: consider pro and con, go into, reason the point
Related Words: deliberate, hash over, reason (out), talk over, consider, weigh, elucidate, explicate, interpret
English Thesaurus: discussion, debate, talks, negotiations, conference, ...

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discuss S2 W1 /dɪˈskʌs/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: discussus, past participle of discutere 'to shake to pieces']

1. to talk about something with another person or a group in order to exchange ideas or decide something:
Littman refused to discuss the case publicly.
If you would like to discuss the matter further, please call me.
discuss something with somebody
Pupils should be given time to discuss the book with their classmates.
discuss what/who/where etc
Your accountant will discuss with you how to complete these forms.

In everyday English, people usually say talk about rather than discuss:
It’s good to be able to talk about these things.

2. to talk or write about something in detail and consider different ideas or opinions about it:
This topic will be discussed in Chapter 4.

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ADV. exhaustively, fully, in detail, thoroughly The plan was discussed in great detail.
at length, endlessly, extensively These ideas will be discussed at greater length in the next chapter.
briefly | further | openly This problem has never been discussed openly before.
informally | critically, intelligently Pupils should be encouraged to discuss critically the information they are given.
VERB + DISCUSS convene (sth) to, meet to to convene a conference to discuss the country's political future The committee meets regularly to discuss these issues.
want to, wish to, would like to | refuse to He refused to discuss it with me.
be able to | be prepared to, be willing to I'm not prepared to discuss this on the phone.
PREP. with I'd like to discuss this matter with you later.
PHRASES an opportunity to discuss sth, widely discussed The proposals have been widely discussed in the media.

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discuss the question/subject
We’d never discussed the question of having children.
discuss the problem
I suggested going out for a drink to discuss the problem.
discuss the matter/issue formal (=discuss a subject or problem)
The two leaders met to discuss the issue further.
discuss a topic (=subject of general interest)
I sometimes let the class choose which topic they want to discuss.
discuss the situation
They held a three-hour meeting to discuss the situation.
discuss a possibility
Government officials were seriously discussing the possibility of war.
discuss a plan/idea
It’s a good idea to discuss your plans with your parents.
discuss the future of something
He met the chairman of Nuclear Electric to discuss the future of the nuclear generating industry.
discuss the details
Let’s get together soon to discuss the details of the trip.

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BAD: When I discuss with them, I cannot say the things that I want to say, because of my English.
GOOD: When I talk to them, I cannot say the things that I want to say, because of my English.
BAD: Some people were discussing; some listening to the radio.
GOOD: Some people were talking; some listening to the radio.

Usage Note:
Discuss is a transitive verb and needs an object: 'I'd like to discuss my homework with you.' 'The two sides will discuss further arms reductions.'

BAD: They'd like to discuss about what to do next.
GOOD: They'd like to discuss what to do next.

Usage Note:
discuss sth (WITHOUT about/on ): 'He simply refuses to discuss the matter.' 'There is nothing to discuss.'
Compare talk about, a discussion about/on : 'They want to talk about what to do next.' 'They want a discussion about/on what to do next.'

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