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disgraceful /dɪsˈɡreɪsfəl/ adjective

رسوایی اور ، خفت اور ، ننگین ، نامطبوع
Synonyms: shameful, contemptible, detestable, dishonourable, disreputable, ignominious, scandalous, shocking, unworthy
Antonyms: respectable, respectworthy

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disgraceful /dɪsˈɡreɪsfəl/ adjective
bad, embarrassing, or unacceptable:
It’s a disgraceful waste of taxpayers’ money.
absolutely/utterly etc disgraceful
Their behaviour was absolutely disgraceful.
It is disgraceful that anyone should have to live in such conditions.
—disgracefully adverb

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ADV. absolutely, quite, utterly There's litter everywhere. It's absolutely disgraceful.

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