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FORMAL vocabulary

disquiet /dɪsˈkwaɪət/ noun [uncountable]

بی ارام کردن ، ناراحت کردن ، اسوده نگذاشتن ، اشفتن ، مضطرب ساختن ، بی قراری ، ناارامی
- uneasiness, alarm, anxiety, concern, disturbance, foreboding, nervousness, trepidation, worry
- make uneasy, bother, concern, disturb, perturb, trouble, unsettle, upset, worry
Antonyms: quiet, soothe, tranquilize
Contrasted words: calm, compose, lull, still
Related Words: distress, trouble

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disquiet /dɪsˈkwaɪət/ noun [uncountable] formal
[Word Family: noun: quiet, disquiet, quietness, quietism, quietude; verb: quieten, quiet; adverb: quietly; adjective: quiet]
anxiety or unhappiness about something Synonym : uneasiness
disquiet over/about/at
public disquiet over deaths in police custody
disquiet among
His appointment caused disquiet among members.
express/voice your disquiet
The union has voiced its disquiet about the way the protest was handled.

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